A babymoon staycation

At 25 weeks pregnant (otherwise known as the Week of the Napa Cabbage), we had a week off together and used it for a mini babymoon – a little trip away, our last as a twosome.

The idea was a few days of relaxation – ideally this would have been done in the sun, on a beach, a flight away from home, but it was summer holidays and those last minute deals never really came to light, so we booked a few nights in North Wales – a short drive but far enough away from home to make us forget about work, emails and what we needed for this week’s food shop.

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The Week That Was… The Napa Cabbage!

Ok I admit, I don’t know what a Napa Cabbage is, but apparently it’s the size of a swede, so I guess a small cabbage. Either way, it’s been week 25 and baby’s getting bigger!

For me and Mr Lynch, this was the week of our baby moon – a long awaited and much needed week off work together, which we spent partly in North Wales before spending a few days at homer making a start on the nursery.

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The Week That Was… The Jalapeño!

The week of the Jalapeño has gone far too fast. And it’s all because I was off work on holiday, so of course time went double speed compared to normal.

I’m feeling better now, not quite as icky, but for some reason my tiredness has got worse. This week was supposed to be one of relaxation, to get over the roller coaster of the last 12 weeks and to recharge my batteries. It ended up being a really busy week and just now, at 6pm on Sunday night I’m sitting down for the first time all week.

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The Week That Was… The Kumquat!

Big news this week! I had to step away from the skinny jeans and embrace my bloated (and slightly fattened up) belly. Ten weeks pregnant, and I bought my first pair of maternity trousers. Shit’s getting real!

It was a bit of an emergency purchase. I’ve been too bloated to button up my jeans for a few weeks now, and this week I struggled to even fasten my zip. When I tried keeping them together with a bobble around the button I got stomach ache, so I spent three days in work this week completely flying low and risking it – at any moment a quick movement could have resulted in an embarrassing incident and a disciplinary.

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