The Week That Was… The Pomegranate!

Week 17 of pregnancy started off with a little pampering, which was a nice change to doing the big shop. I took my friend, who is getting married at the end of the year, to Jo Malone in Liverpool where she had a bridal scent consultation and I had a hand and arm massage. It’s a complimentary service, so if you like Jo Malone products and you’re not suffering from pregnancy-related nose deficiencies, I’d highly recommend it. I came away with silky smooth arms, smelling of roses (or white jasmine and mint to be specific) and with a wish list as long as my leg.

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The Week That Was… The Southern Pecan!

The week of the Southern Pecan, that’s nine weeks pregnant, was a quiet one, just how I like it.

Symptoms have eased, the need to eat has not. I want to eat everything. ALL. THE. TIME. This week I found my groove with a box of Ritz’ crackers. I had forgotten how good these little beauties are, baked (not fried) I know they’re not part of a healthy balanced diet but the pregnant lady wants what the pregnant lady wants.

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