The Week That Was… The Leek!

I’m guessing this is the length of a leek, because at 38 weeks pregnant I would be worried if baby was the weight or width of a leek! As everything I read keeps saying, now is just a waiting game, there’s no more I can do even though I feel completely unprepared.

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The Week That Was… The Papaya!

I’m somewhat sceptical over this week’s baby size, as the papayas I’ve known have definitely not been bigger than a bunch of carrots. Sure, it’s a US app but it makes me wonder what those Americans are feeding their fruit and veg to get papayas of such epic proportions.

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The Week That Was… The Bunch of Carrots!

35 weeks pregnant, the baby was the size of a bunch of carrots and, I can finally write these words, it was my last week in work. I can’t tell you how ready I was to finish and how surreal it actually feels writing this knowing I’m not going back any time soon. I’m covering up my excitement pretty well I think.  Read more!

The Week That Was… The Savoy Cabbage!

34 weeks pregnant, and baby is the size of a Savoy cabbage.

It started out with a really productive weekend of shopping – I spend so much time researching everything online, looking for the perfect thing at the perfect price, and this was just one of those days where you nip to Aldi for milk and end up coming home with a car boot full of baby must-haves and décor-perfect bargains from places you’d never even considered.

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The Week That Was… The Cauliflower!

The week that was the cauliflower, otherwise known as week 33 of pregnancy, started with a more vigorous than usual pregnancy yoga class.

Our usual teacher was on holiday so we had a stand in, who was a serious yogi. I’m talking lots of vocal “ommm….nommmm….”-ing and ‘flows’. I’m used to a bit of chat and deep breathing so this really took it out of me and the other handful of people who turned up to the class. Not entirely sure if I’ll go back until my usual teacher’s there, is it ok that I can’t be bothered right now with anything that remotely resembles exercise? Walking around the shops baby shopping is exhausting enough, that surely classes as exercise, yes?

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The Week That Was… The Romaine Lettuce!

Week 31 of pregnancy, when baby was around 44cm long and the size of a Romaine Lettuce, was a busy old week!

It kicked off on day one with my friend’s hen do, for which I’m a bridesmaid and had organised the weekend along with the other two ‘maids. Luckily for me, the bride had wanted a spa weekend which meant that amongst all the organising, decorating and small talk with the other hens, there was an element of relaxing.

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