The Dream Nursery Chair Has Landed!

With less than six weeks to go until due date, operation nursery has stepped up a gear. Not that it will be used for the first few months, and not that I’ve consciously started making more effort, it’s been a priority of mine from day dot as it’s just something I love doing and in all honesty, having the nursery to focus on has probably helped me cope with the overwhelming-ness of having my first baby.¬† Read more!

The Week That Was… The Aubergine!

Week 24 of pregnancy (6 months, I can’t believe it!!) has been a busy old week, with a few symptoms rearing their head for the first time in a while and the hottest day of the year meaning the entire nation spent Wednesday walking round in a fog after doing an involuntary sweaty all-nighter. Not that I’m complaining about the weather, before someone complains about me complaining, because I’m not. But 30 degrees, pregnant or not, is hot.

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