Nursery Vibes: My Handmade Roman Blinds!

I’m very excited today because I can finally share with you all a project I’ve been working on for the nursery. I’ve given a few sneak peeks away before but now it’s time to tell you all about my handmade Roman Blinds!

It’s particularly exciting for me as I was asked by to write a tutorial for their Get Inspired section of their website, on anything to do with my nursery – my very first guest post! And for a brand like Wayfair, I couldn’t believe they’d found my blog let alone asked me to create some content for them! I had the perfect fabric on order and knew that, if I didn’t cock it up, this would be the perfect project to share in detail, as Roman Blinds can seem complicated and daunting.

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Nursery Vibes: Bright decor for a neutral nursery

So far in my nursery decor story, I’ve featured all of the base palettes for a gender neutral nursery – monochrome, greys and whites, and natural shades. So far, so neutral, in every sense.

To finish this little series, before I move on to the fun stuff of themes and decoration, I’m finishing on a high with brights!

Bright colours in the nursery doesn’t have to mean primary colours, it’s just any strong shades in any combination you like. This post on Project Nursery was a really interesting starting point to know what personality traits can be brought out in your baby by certain colours. Who knew that too much cheery bright yellow could agitate the little ones and white can promote secretiveness! Have a read here and get some inspiration from the gorgeous nurseries featured in this post.

I’ve picked a few of my favourite, and different, takes on bright and strong colour in the nursery, perfect for boys and girls.

I love this subtle take on brights in the nursery and the wall stickers make it a temporary design which can be altered when baby grows up or if your taste changes when you know if it’s a little prince or princess’ room. I’m considering wall stickers myself, more of which later! It’s got the classic bright primary colours, popping out from clean white and with the additional splashes of green and yellow. Totally adorable…

gender neutral bright nursery

This turquoise and orange palette, featured on Apartment Therapy, is as bold and bright as you can get. It’s a real statement and despite it being majority blue, the orange and touches of yellow make it completely gender neutral. I also love the bright alphabet letters on the wall.

turquoise blue and orange nursery decor

Going slightly off track with this one as it features a clearly neutral grey wall, but the hot air balloons are a prime example of injecting bright colour into a nursery without having to go too hard (like the example above). Such a cute feature available at Etsy, it’s bright and stimulating for the baby and you don’t need any more colour than this.

hot air balloons

Bright nursery decor does’t have to mean child-like, it can also be done in a completely sophisticated and stylish way, as demonstrated by this beautiful image featured on My Domaine.

yellow bird wallpaper

To be fair, it’s probably more suitable for a girl than a boy, but let’s gloss over that for now, as it’s just too pretty to not feature. Combined with the pink rug, which could just as well be a blue rug as it has both shades in the wallpaper, it’s a chinoiserie print which nails stylish brights.

Following the same vibe of gorgeous design over completely cutesy, this navy blue striking wallpaper is right up my street. I love the shade, the print and the combination with pink and gold. Forget the baby, I might look at re-doing my own bedroom…

The Animal Print Shop Nursery

And last but by no means least, if you want a pop of primaries but want it to be subtle rather than shouty, take the Etsy hot air balloon approach and go for accessories or a wallpaper which includes just the right amount of colour.

scion april showers wallpaper

I’m a fan of Scion wallpapers, and have their Durrie in grey print in my living room, so while this wallpaper actually makes me feel a little sad, it’s the perfect example of how you can inject some colour without it being the main feature of the room.

So a few different takes there on bright decor for a gender neutral nursery, which do you prefer? Is your nursery vibe more of a statement monochrome or bright, then a super calm grey or cream?


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Nursery Vibes: Whites and greys for a neutral nursery

Following my first Nursery Vibes post last week, which focused on bold monochrome nursery decor, I’ve been looking next at a softer palette of whites and greys.

Grey is the new neutral in the home, it’s more modern and fresh than cream and is the perfect base for so many colour themes and styles. It’s the perfect neutral nursery colour, and when used with whites it’s clean, simple and simply beautiful.

As with my monochrome post, I’m focusing for now just on inspiration for these pure colour groups to help me choose the main neutral for my nursery. I’ll then get into the fun stuff of pops of colour and themes to bring the room to life for the little one.

So, here we go with some of my favourite grey and white neutral nursery designs…

When I think of a grey and white nursery, to house a little person and knackered mummy in comfort, this is basically what I see…

Credit: Rock My Style
Credit: Rock My Style

Rock My Style has nailed it with little Hector’s room. The chair is what worthy  of it’s own post, I want to curl up in it and never get up, but it’s the mix of shades of grey (around 50, at a guess), the prints (stripes and spots) and the textures (fabric, fur and a good old basket weave) that bring it together beautifully.

This cute corner from Ivy Cabin could easily be the other side of the window from Hector’s room by Rock My Style. The point being that the key to creating a bright but cosy nursery with greys and whites alone is all about texture.

Credit: Ivy Cabin
Credit: Ivy Cabin

I love the polka dot walls and the touches of pine here, it’s very Scandi style which is the style to have right now.

If you’re not feeling to brave, the beauty of neutral colours is that you can go bold on the prints….

Grey star nursery decor

Mixing it up with stars, stripes and chevrons makes a clean white room come to life without going OTT with the colour.

The bunting in my monochrome post was a big hit, so here’s your bunting fix from Etsy…

Credit: Etsy
Credit: Etsy

Bit of a cheat this one as it’s not strictly grey and white, but I had to include it because it’s the perfect blend of my last two posts – grey, black and white.

grey and monochrome nursery decor
Credit: Mini Style Blog

But, it’s the perfect example of mixing different shades of grey through the fabrics and accessories to lift white walls. And the touches of black are just what it needs to bring it all together. You have to check out this post on Mini Style Blog for the rest of the pictures. Just adorable.

Grey is looking like a favourite neutral base for me so far, there are so many colours that go with it and I can’t wait to start exploring ideas to mix it up for my little one’s first bedroom!

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