GIVEAWAY: From Day Dot Is One!!

This day last year, I took the plunge and wrote my very first blog post for From Day Dot. I set up my blog amidst the excitement and sheer terror of finding out I was pregnant for the first time. I wanted to hear real experiences and advice, not clinical instructions based on a ‘normal’ pregnancy, but this didn’t seem to exist due to most people wanting to keep their secret for the first 12 weeks and not broadcast it over the Internet. Understandable.

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The Week That Was… The Chocolate Yule Log!

Yep, it’s a pretty niche one but at 23 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of a Chocolate Yule Log. Or a bunch of grapes but this was far too vague and totally depends on where you buy your grapes from.

This week has involved a lot of one thing in particular – socialising.¬†And luckily I’ve been feeling pretty good after last week’s growth spurt, which meant I was up for everything, including a birthday lunch with my Dad, Sunday lunch with a fellow pregnant friend (due three weeks before me so we had plenty of notes to compare), leaving drinks with a work colleague and dinner with old friends. As long as I had a seat, food and good company it was all good. And there was plenty of all of that, so it was great.

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