Nursery Vibes: Teepees and Triangles

If you’ve followed my Nursery Vibes story on the blog over the last eight months you’ll have seen the progression from extensive inspiration-hunting (Pinterest was my best friend back in the first trimester days) and whittling down my favourite colour schemes and styles – from soft white and grey décor to crazy brights and everything in between – to my ultimate ideal unisex colour palette of mint green, gold and grey.

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Nursery Vibes: My Handmade Roman Blinds!

I’m very excited today because I can finally share with you all a project I’ve been working on for the nursery. I’ve given a few sneak peeks away before but now it’s time to tell you all about my handmade Roman Blinds!

It’s particularly exciting for me as I was asked by to write a tutorial for their Get Inspired section of their website, on anything to do with my nursery – my very first guest post! And for a brand like Wayfair, I couldn’t believe they’d found my blog let alone asked me to create some content for them! I had the perfect fabric on order and knew that, if I didn’t cock it up, this would be the perfect project to share in detail, as Roman Blinds can seem complicated and daunting.

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Nursery Vibes: Layouts for triangle wall decals

So I decided on my colour scheme – you can see that here – and I’ve talked before about the general theme being pretty geometric and arrow-based. And I’ve always had my heart set on triangle wall stickers which look so Scandi-sweet but the stickers mean that it’s not permanent and the design is totally in my control.

I’m going through real first world problems at the moment trying to find the perfect shade of mint green, even looking into getting my own decals printed (more of which in a separate post when I’ve reached a solution) but in the meantime I’ve been looking at layouts and designs using said triangles on said wall.

Who knew there could be so many ways to out triangles on a wall!


Clean lines and smart spacing, this is a great option for getting full coverage over a wall while keeping it neat and easy to plan. Even if full coverage isn’t your thing, go for a narrow strip of uniformly-placed triangles for a more subtle effect. The key to this one is to measure, measure, measure. Get the spacing right and even, and use a spirit level to check your lines are straight before applying the stickers (especially important if they’re not reusable and you don’t want to have to tilt your head for the wall to look straight).

C: Spearmint Nursery
You can still mix up the uniform layout with random pops of colour
Uniform triangle wall stickers
Mini triangles and plenty of white = stripped back Scandi (also, THAT CHAIR!!)
Uniform panel triangle decals
Subtle and sweet, go geometric without going coverage crazy


Mini triangles look great when they’re made to look like they’ve just been thrown at the wall and happen to have stuck where they landed. Like confetti. Keep the triangles super small if you don’t want it to be an overpowering feature in the room, or supersize it and throw in a mix of colours if you want it to be bold and statement-making!

Like confetti thrown at the wall
Like confetti thrown at the wall
Random sizes, random layout, really cool effect
Random sizes, random layout, really cool effect
One of my original colour palette and triangle inspirations...
One of my original colour palette and triangle inspirations…


Meet in the middle of scattered and uniform by clustering the triangles together to create shapes or pockets of colour and pattern to draw the eye around the room. Some of the best ways of clustering triangles to group them together to create cute pyramids, or cluster them around something in the room to frame it and make a feature.

One of my favourite effects, and one I’m considering trying for our box room nursery, is clustering tightly in one part of the room and dispersing out – it works particularly well with mini triangles which looks like soft confetti falling from the style.

Rainbow brights for a high impact wall
Rainbow brights for a high impact wall
Clustered triangle wall decals
Draw the eye to a focal point in the room a falling confetti effect
triangle wall sticker layout
Create a feature by framing a focal point with some strategically-placed triangles

Tribal Style

One of my favourite layouts and the one I’m leaning towards for my nursery, particularly as it works so well with the arrow designs which I also hope to include somewhere in the room.

The spacing can be as random or as uniform as you like, but the idea is to create the arrow effect using two or three mini triangles. I like that you can mix and match colours, which lends itself perfectly to my mint green and gold vibe and allows me to semi-complete this effect before the baby is born, at which point I can add either a black or pink triangle to complete the arrow when I know if it’s a little boy or girl.

Like with the Uniform layout, use a spirit level to keep the triangles and arrows straight and decide before you start whether the arrows are pointing up or down (or a mix of the two?!)

Arrow triangle wall decals
Randomly spaced with a mix of colours for a casual tribal design
arrow triangles wall decals
Mix the colours up within the arrow – bring on the gold and mint green!
tribal arrow triangle wall decals
A whimsical colour and dreamcatcher against a uniform spaced layout
tribal arrow triangle wall decals etsy
Perfect for keeping it cool while adding a softer shade

After all of the inspo hunting I’ve got decisions to make, which will probably involve hours of tacking triangles to the wall and driving the husband mad with my indecision. First though, I need some mint green stickers please…

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