Nursery Vibes: My Handmade Roman Blinds!

I’m very excited today because I can finally share with you all a project I’ve been working on for the nursery. I’ve given a few sneak peeks away before but now it’s time to tell you all about my handmade Roman Blinds!

It’s particularly exciting for me as I was asked by to write a tutorial for their Get Inspired section of their website, on anything to do with my nursery – my very first guest post! And for a brand like Wayfair, I couldn’t believe they’d found my blog let alone asked me to create some content for them! I had the perfect fabric on order and knew that, if I didn’t cock it up, this would be the perfect project to share in detail, as Roman Blinds can seem complicated and daunting.

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How the Aussies have nailed nursery style

Since starting From Day Dot and setting out on my mission to jump head first into the stylish side of pregnancy, I’ve come across so many small businesses and beautiful brands which make it so easy to find inspiration and ideas. Instagram is my go to place to browse, hunt for special finds and share what I’m up to (if you’re not following me, please do!) and that’s where I’ve come across the majority of these small but amazing brands.

While I’ve stumbled across loads of UK businesses who are doing brilliant things (I’ll do a post on a few of my faves soon), what really struck me is the amount of Australian brands which have been front and centre of so much of my nursery inspo-spotting.

The Aussies seem to have a slightly Scandi-style but with a really fun and soft side to it, not quite so clean and bold as the Scandinavians but just as beautiful and so well styled. It’s one reason why the Internet is so great, we’d never have even seen or heard of these guys before, let alone be able to share and shop with them!

So to show you what I mean, I’ve done a round up of just a few of the brands from Down Under which have caught my eye…

Fox and Wilder

Think natural woods, bright whites, soft colours and a bit of black, and you’ve got the Fox and Wilder idea. I first came across them and fell in love when I saw this musical mint green hot air balloon mobile (on Instagram, of course) which nailed two of the nursery decor trends I’d recently posted about – my Mint Green, Grey and Gold colour palette, and the Hot Air Balloon trend.

Fox and Wilder Hot Air balloon mobile

After a quick browse of their site I came across this Kids Clothes Rail which looked so cool and the set up was styled to perfection.

fox and wilder childrens clothes rail

And, Hot Air Balloon Mobiles aside, that’s what really caught my eye with Fox and Wilder – their amazing ability to style a nursery and make you want to regram it to death before buying everything in sight. And they must know this is a strong point since they’ve added a Product Styling Service to their website, to help other brands style up their products for photography to give them the best chance of having the ‘Fox and Wilder effect’ and selling out of everything they have in stock.

Little Connoisseur

Maybe not the best name for direct traffic (it took me a good few goes to spell the name before I gave up and copy and pasted it) but a gem of an Instagram account if you’re looking for some good inspiration for your nursery. I mean, can we just take a minute…

little connoisseur girls playroom

little connoisseur girls nursery decor

yellow and blue baby nursery

Little Connoisseur sell just a few products, which aren’t cheap but are clearly premium and perfect for gifts if you’re looking to splash out on a lucky friend or family member. Decorative cushions and old school wooden spinning tops, in plush fabrics, soft colours, gold trims and a bit of personalisation to make it extra special.

The Little Fox Designs

With a store on Etsy, this little brand sells handmade crib sheets with a range to suit Stokke size and a range for standard cot sizes. I came across them on Instagram (seeing a trend here?) and won my first every social media competition when I entered their giveaway to win this monochrome grid print crib sheet. Receiving this in last week’s post, all the way from Aus, was a highlight of my week!

the little fox monochrome crib sheet

And with so many other designs in fun prints and fabrics which don’t appear to be available anywhere on this side of the world (if they are, can someone point me in the right direction?) – the cactus print is a definite favourite of mine – I just wish they also catered for adult-sized beds!

Little Fox Designs Paint Drops Crib Sheet

cactus print crib sheet


It’s not all about decor, Fillyboo are a boho inspired maternity fashion company who use loads of customer generated content (technical term there) on their social media and their website, which is inspiring in itself because boy do they have some good looking customers.

This was the image that brought Fillyboo to my attention…

fillyboo maternity

A regram from For The Dreamers, who has the most envy-inducing blog I’ve ever seen, the room is a stunner and so is the outfit – the whole thing is just a dream.

fillyboo maternity daffodil dress

So if you’re into your boho style, especially if your pregnant during the summer months, check out Fillyboo – who do worldwide shipping – to get a special occasion number or a see-you-through-the-season investment piece.

Do you have any other Australian brands on your watch list that I should know about?

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Run Jump Scrap!

How to rock the nursing chair

Pun totally intended, because as part of my ‘project nursery’ I’m looking for the perfect nursing chair to fit in the little bay window, and have been looking specifically at rocking chairs.

I’ve read a lot of articles and opinions on whether you even need a nursing chair, with many saying the nursing was done mostly in the parent’s bed or somewhere else in the house, and others saying they found it completely invaluable to forming part of the bedtime routine. I can imagine the latter is true and like the thought of making the nursery a safe and cosy sanctuary for both the baby and I (and Daddy Lynch of course) and you surely can’t have a sanctuary without somewhere comfortable to sit. And what’s more soothing for babies and adults alike than a rocking chair? Except maybe a rocking chair with wine.

So here’s my run down of some of the best nursery-perfect rocking chairs I’ve found, to suit a very broad range of styles and budgets. Starting with the luxury designer pieces and working my way to more of the budget friendly looks.

This glider chair from Custard and Crumble is a classic nursing chair, with the super comfy seating, glider action and matching footstool. If you’re going all traditional, this could be the one for you. But at £1,375 it’s not one for the masses, so try Mothercare who have a range of very similar styles at more budget friendly prices.

from Custard Crumble
A classic glider style from Custard and Crumble

A couple more for the big spenders, Not on the High Street has a few gorgeously designed pieces. The Morpheus Rocking Nursery Chair is the ultimate comfy armchair on rockers. The quality is even obvious from the picture, and the shape of the wooden rockers shows there’s been a huge attention to detail and a lot of love from some furniture designer in this chair.

Not on the High Street chair. Not on my budget chair.
Not on the High Street chair. Not on my budget chair.

The Opulence Rocking Chair is also from Not on the High Street and if you have a spare £3,600 (and let’s face it who doesn’t?!) this is a simply beautiful chair which is the ultimate in chic and stunning nursery furniture. It belongs in a princess nursery, and is suited to a princess budget budget too.

Now let’s start bringing those pound signs down a notch. During my research I came across which I love for inspiration. This Olli Ella Dada glider nursing chair is a nice change from the super pretty and feminine chairs I’ve seen so far, thanks to the more masculine lines and navy blue colour. But it doesn’t sacrifice comfort for cool, and at £875 I’d expect it all too!

da-da_lifestyle_0 nubie nursery chair

Another Olli Ella number, the Ro-Ki rocker chair has a real retro vibe, with simple lines and clean fabric (not for long) and ergonomically designed rockers, this chair looks like it was made for speed rocking. Simple, beautiful and gorgeous imagery from Olli Ella, Pinterest-worthy all round.


One of the more budget rocking chairs is actually more of a grown up bouncer than a rocker, but you can’t go wrong with the IKEA Poang chair. Scandi-style and purse-friendly, it’s also more of a space saver than the other style. I am a HUGE fan of IKEA Hacks, I do them at every opportunity, and this chair is prime for a bit of upholstering and creating a statement, unique nursery piece for a bit of a bargain. Just look at this perfect example from How Joyful Blog and how the plain Poang has been transformed into a chevron beauty fit for any neutral nursery.

ikea poang rocker chair

And last but not least, it’s the chair I have my eye on for that little bay window in our nursery. It’s the Charles Eames style RAR Rocking Chair. I don’t have room for a big comfy armchair and footstool combo, I need something compact and cute to fit the space and not over crowd the room.  I love the simplicity of the seat and the blend of plastic, metal and wood. And oh my god, styled like this Pinterest inspo shot, with a faux fur throw and cushions, it adds the comfort factor and makes it a total must-have in my house.

eames style rar rocking chair

The Eames style chair is available all over the web at a variety of prices. I guess quality also differs but hey, I don’t have over £300 to spend on a chair at John Lewis, especially when I can get an identical looking version from the likes of Wayfair and Tesco Direct (just not in white, damn it, but a bargain under £50 if you’re looking for something brighter).  Now I just need to pick my supplier and find my faux fur throw and I’m all set for rocking those long, sleepless nights away!

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Nursery Vibes: Layouts for triangle wall decals

So I decided on my colour scheme – you can see that here – and I’ve talked before about the general theme being pretty geometric and arrow-based. And I’ve always had my heart set on triangle wall stickers which look so Scandi-sweet but the stickers mean that it’s not permanent and the design is totally in my control.

I’m going through real first world problems at the moment trying to find the perfect shade of mint green, even looking into getting my own decals printed (more of which in a separate post when I’ve reached a solution) but in the meantime I’ve been looking at layouts and designs using said triangles on said wall.

Who knew there could be so many ways to out triangles on a wall!


Clean lines and smart spacing, this is a great option for getting full coverage over a wall while keeping it neat and easy to plan. Even if full coverage isn’t your thing, go for a narrow strip of uniformly-placed triangles for a more subtle effect. The key to this one is to measure, measure, measure. Get the spacing right and even, and use a spirit level to check your lines are straight before applying the stickers (especially important if they’re not reusable and you don’t want to have to tilt your head for the wall to look straight).

C: Spearmint Nursery
You can still mix up the uniform layout with random pops of colour
Uniform triangle wall stickers
Mini triangles and plenty of white = stripped back Scandi (also, THAT CHAIR!!)
Uniform panel triangle decals
Subtle and sweet, go geometric without going coverage crazy


Mini triangles look great when they’re made to look like they’ve just been thrown at the wall and happen to have stuck where they landed. Like confetti. Keep the triangles super small if you don’t want it to be an overpowering feature in the room, or supersize it and throw in a mix of colours if you want it to be bold and statement-making!

Like confetti thrown at the wall
Like confetti thrown at the wall
Random sizes, random layout, really cool effect
Random sizes, random layout, really cool effect
One of my original colour palette and triangle inspirations...
One of my original colour palette and triangle inspirations…


Meet in the middle of scattered and uniform by clustering the triangles together to create shapes or pockets of colour and pattern to draw the eye around the room. Some of the best ways of clustering triangles to group them together to create cute pyramids, or cluster them around something in the room to frame it and make a feature.

One of my favourite effects, and one I’m considering trying for our box room nursery, is clustering tightly in one part of the room and dispersing out – it works particularly well with mini triangles which looks like soft confetti falling from the style.

Rainbow brights for a high impact wall
Rainbow brights for a high impact wall
Clustered triangle wall decals
Draw the eye to a focal point in the room a falling confetti effect
triangle wall sticker layout
Create a feature by framing a focal point with some strategically-placed triangles

Tribal Style

One of my favourite layouts and the one I’m leaning towards for my nursery, particularly as it works so well with the arrow designs which I also hope to include somewhere in the room.

The spacing can be as random or as uniform as you like, but the idea is to create the arrow effect using two or three mini triangles. I like that you can mix and match colours, which lends itself perfectly to my mint green and gold vibe and allows me to semi-complete this effect before the baby is born, at which point I can add either a black or pink triangle to complete the arrow when I know if it’s a little boy or girl.

Like with the Uniform layout, use a spirit level to keep the triangles and arrows straight and decide before you start whether the arrows are pointing up or down (or a mix of the two?!)

Arrow triangle wall decals
Randomly spaced with a mix of colours for a casual tribal design
arrow triangles wall decals
Mix the colours up within the arrow – bring on the gold and mint green!
tribal arrow triangle wall decals
A whimsical colour and dreamcatcher against a uniform spaced layout
tribal arrow triangle wall decals etsy
Perfect for keeping it cool while adding a softer shade

After all of the inspo hunting I’ve got decisions to make, which will probably involve hours of tacking triangles to the wall and driving the husband mad with my indecision. First though, I need some mint green stickers please…

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Nursery Vibes: Mint, gold and grey colour palette

Over the past few weeks I’ve been exploring a few different décor styles for a gender neutral nursery, from the base colour palettes of greys and whites, natural shades and monochrome, to some cute themes to bring a baby’s room to life, with my favourites being directional arrows (get it?) and whimsical hot air balloons for little adventurer-to-be.

Now, with the 20 weeks scan done and dusted and a pram on order, it’s time for me to stop dancing around the houses and to get to grips with what I want for Baby Lynch’s nursery. And I’m so excited, I’ve basically been thinking about this since day one but am still going round in circles over what I want and what will work in the small space that we have.

So I’m starting to get my thoughts in order by focusing on my colour palette, which I first got my inspiration for before I was even pregnant and stumbled across this Michael Miller fabric in my local fabric store.Michael Miller Triangle Fabric

I veer between bold, graphical styles and colours, and soft calming shades with subtle styling. So I’m hoping to go somewhere in between with a soft palette of grey and mint green, brought to life through shots of gold (or should I say lots of gold) and either navy blue or blush pink – dependant on whether it’s a boy or girl and an element I’ll have to add post-birth. And maybe substitute some of the glam gold for a more manly mustard!

Colour wheels
My colour wheels – I’m all about the triangles!

I’m not settling on anything yet but I am obsessed with triangles and arrows, so as much as my mind might change on a style, I’ll probably go with my gut and incorporate some of this more tribal style into the room.

Here are a few of my favourite colour and décor inspirations from the web which have led me to fall in love with this colour palette, and you can see much more of this on my Nursery Pinterest Board.

Mint Gold Pink Blue Colour Palette

I’ve also come across many fab nursery designs which have used the same colour palette, and this just goes to show how many different ways it can be styled to create the look we want and to suit either a boy or a girl.

C: Studio Matsalla
C: Studio Matsalla
C: Spearmint Nursery
C: Spearmint Nursery


C: Project Nursery
C: Project Nursery
C: Jack and Jill Boutique
C: Jack and Jill Boutique

And of course you could either go easy on the colours or print, and inject some of it into the accessories for a more subtle approach. Go can’t go wrong with bunting in the nursery!

C: Etsy
C: Etsy
C: Little Fox Designs
C: Little Fox Designs
C: Hello Bee
C: Hello Bee

And that’s just scratching the surface. The more I look at it, the more I fall in love with these shades, so now I have to just work out how to use them in our little box room to full effect while getting that balance of calming and bold just right!

What do you think to this colour scheme? What colour palette would you have, or have you got, in your nursery?

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Hot Pink Wellingtons

Nursery Vibes: Hot Air Balloons

There’s something about hot air balloons which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. There’s something so innocent and oldie world-y about them that makes it a real whimsical, sleepy theme to have in any child’s nursery, boy or girl. More of a vintage take on stars and clouds, it brings to life words and phrases such as ‘dream’ and ‘fly away’, words which conjure up all the innocence and big hopes of adventure that we wish for our little ones.

So I wasn’t surprised to find a lot of the hot air balloon theme when researching for this post, the ideas are out there in abundance and they’re all so sweet it’s hard to narrow down my favourites. I’ve stuck with gender-neutral again, which this theme lends itself to nicely, and am sharing a few of my favourite examples of how to weave this trend into your nursery decor in a big or small way.

Go all out with the nature theme, and take inspiration from this room featured on Project Nursery. Nothing says ‘fly away and go on an adventure’ quite like hot air balloons flying over a remote mountain range and sunset. The addition of the fluffy clouds and furry throws gives the look serious cosiness and means the primary colour palette doesn’t look too brash, and adds to that dreamy nature vibe.

If that’s a bit too full on for you, take it down a notch and go for one of my favourite inventions, a good old wall sticker, or decal as they’re otherwise known. Etsy is proving to be king of decals for the nursery, and this hot air balloon wall sticker design, especially in these colours, makes a statement and gives a fresh and modern twist on a typically whimsy theme.

This room featured on Apartment Therapy is light, bright and simple, letting the colours and drama of the hanging hot air balloons do all the talking. With a room of this size you can go mad and fill the ceiling with balloons of all colours and sizes, as they have here, but you could create something equally as gorgeous in a small space with just one or two bright balloons hanging against a simple white backdrop.

I came across the Bloom Print Project on Pinterest, and fell in love with her handmade hot air balloons (yes, these little beauties are handmade!) They’re so diddy and cute, with the bunting connecting them and while I had no idea how she did it or where you’d get the materials from, it makes me feel inspired to make one of my own! Even if you’re not the crafty type, you should check out her post anyway to see her daughters beautiful nursery in all its vintage-style loveliness.

In all of my previous Nursery Décor posts I’ve including bunting or a mobile as an easy, non-permanent way of bringing a theme into the room or tying a colour palette together. This post is no different and I can’t think of a better way of bringing the hot air balloon theme to life than with a mobile. The bits are made to hang and float after all! Another one from Etsy, this gorgeous hot air balloon mobile in gender neutral grey and yellow has it all – balloons, bunting and clouds (and an elephant, but let’s ignore that for now) – so your little one can nod off with their head in the skies.

Finally, if you love the sentiment of whimsical fly away adventures for your little one’s space, but really aren’t keen on a theme or having anything hanging or stuck to the walls, go for a simple hot air balloon print as a nod to the trend. This one from Not on the High Street says it all…

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Nursery Vibes: The Arrows Trend

According to Project Nursery’s predictions for top 2016 nursery trends, arrows and triangles are ‘so last year’. Sorry, I love you Project Nursery but I couldn’t care less as arrows and triangles are two of my top themes for my nursery plans. I love them both. I love a geometric print and a little bit of tribal, and am drawn to these two designs so I really don’t care if they’re so 2015 or so 1915, I’m a fan.

So with this in mind, I’ve been looking at some of my favourite arrow design touches for the nursery. From full on wall coverings to subtle accessories, arrows are a cute theme to bring any colour palette to life and are another perfect gender-neutral option if you’re planning a nursery without knowing if you’re having a boy or a girl.

So diving straight in with a bold wall decal, as featured in Project Nursery’s 2014 nursery trends (yes, 2014, and what?), the soft grey shade means you can go mad on the coverage, as they’ve done in this example. Really love arrows? This could be the look for you.

Arrow wallpaper

Alternatively if you’re looking for something a little more subtle, these arrow wall stickers from Dana Decals in gold are gorgeous and are just enough of a nod to the theme without it being overpowering. I can’t get enough gold so this was always going to be a winner for me. Unfortunately for us UK dwellers, Dana Decals is in the US and it doesn’t look like they ship to the UK, but this is all about inspiration and I’m sure Etsy or some other similar retailer would provide something equally as pretty.

Gold arrow decals

Sticking with the golden arrow theme, this fabric definitely is available on Etsy and is on my short list for fabric to make my nursery blinds. It’s so just so god damn sweet.

gold arrow fabric

This mobile is a very cute way to add a touch of arrow without it being the main focus of the room, if that’s what you want. I’ve seen it on Pinterest in tons of different colours, so whatever your palette, there’s an arrow mobile for you!

tribal arrow nursery mobile

Next up is a piece of wall art that I came across on Instagram and fell in love with, both the arrows and the colours are right up my street. It’s by the lovely Fishtitch who have loads of gorgeous prints (I’m also a big fan of their Cactus print) and garlands. Check out their Etsy shop for more like this…

Arrow nursery wall art

Last but not least (and I really could go on forever), I fell in love with this Bohemian Arrow crib sheet, available from Etsy. It’s more feminine then anything else I’ve looked at, so definitely more suited for a baby girl, but I love the colours and the soft feathery effect.

bohemian arrow blanket

What do you think of the tribal arrow trend? And do you care if something’s ‘on-trend’ or not when it comes to your baby?!

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Nursery Vibes: Bright decor for a neutral nursery

So far in my nursery decor story, I’ve featured all of the base palettes for a gender neutral nursery – monochrome, greys and whites, and natural shades. So far, so neutral, in every sense.

To finish this little series, before I move on to the fun stuff of themes and decoration, I’m finishing on a high with brights!

Bright colours in the nursery doesn’t have to mean primary colours, it’s just any strong shades in any combination you like. This post on Project Nursery was a really interesting starting point to know what personality traits can be brought out in your baby by certain colours. Who knew that too much cheery bright yellow could agitate the little ones and white can promote secretiveness! Have a read here and get some inspiration from the gorgeous nurseries featured in this post.

I’ve picked a few of my favourite, and different, takes on bright and strong colour in the nursery, perfect for boys and girls.

I love this subtle take on brights in the nursery and the wall stickers make it a temporary design which can be altered when baby grows up or if your taste changes when you know if it’s a little prince or princess’ room. I’m considering wall stickers myself, more of which later! It’s got the classic bright primary colours, popping out from clean white and with the additional splashes of green and yellow. Totally adorable…

gender neutral bright nursery

This turquoise and orange palette, featured on Apartment Therapy, is as bold and bright as you can get. It’s a real statement and despite it being majority blue, the orange and touches of yellow make it completely gender neutral. I also love the bright alphabet letters on the wall.

turquoise blue and orange nursery decor

Going slightly off track with this one as it features a clearly neutral grey wall, but the hot air balloons are a prime example of injecting bright colour into a nursery without having to go too hard (like the example above). Such a cute feature available at Etsy, it’s bright and stimulating for the baby and you don’t need any more colour than this.

hot air balloons

Bright nursery decor does’t have to mean child-like, it can also be done in a completely sophisticated and stylish way, as demonstrated by this beautiful image featured on My Domaine.

yellow bird wallpaper

To be fair, it’s probably more suitable for a girl than a boy, but let’s gloss over that for now, as it’s just too pretty to not feature. Combined with the pink rug, which could just as well be a blue rug as it has both shades in the wallpaper, it’s a chinoiserie print which nails stylish brights.

Following the same vibe of gorgeous design over completely cutesy, this navy blue striking wallpaper is right up my street. I love the shade, the print and the combination with pink and gold. Forget the baby, I might look at re-doing my own bedroom…

The Animal Print Shop Nursery

And last but by no means least, if you want a pop of primaries but want it to be subtle rather than shouty, take the Etsy hot air balloon approach and go for accessories or a wallpaper which includes just the right amount of colour.

scion april showers wallpaper

I’m a fan of Scion wallpapers, and have their Durrie in grey print in my living room, so while this wallpaper actually makes me feel a little sad, it’s the perfect example of how you can inject some colour without it being the main feature of the room.

So a few different takes there on bright decor for a gender neutral nursery, which do you prefer? Is your nursery vibe more of a statement monochrome or bright, then a super calm grey or cream?


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Nursery Vibes: Natural shades for a neutral nursery

One of the things I’m most excited about in this whole pregnancy thing, aside from meeting the baby, is decorating a nursery. I love interiors and everything design related, so despite waiting until my 20 week scan to buy or think too hard about anything at all, I’ve had a nursery decor Pinterest board on the go for a while and have some ideas in mind. But I don’t want to rush it and get it wrong, so I’ve gone back to basics and have looked at inspiration for a few of the basic base colours for a gender neutral nursery. It started with bold monochrome decor, then moved on to gorgeous greys and whites. Next up is the old favourite of creams and natural shades.

Natural colours are ideal if you want something traditional, warm and simple to put together. Steer clear of anything too yellow, and you pretty much ca’t go wrong with a mixture of creams and whites.

As with the grey and white inspiration I found last week, texture is key to making a cream room look cosy and interesting even when only using a palette of two colours.

So, while it’s not completely up my street, these are a few looks that caught my eye…

Cream star nursery

Clean and simple, the white furniture, walls and accessories are given some warmth thanks to the star print wallpaper, wooden floor and cute toys. Never breaking the natural and white colour palette, it looks fresh and clean and perfect for a new little bundle.

cream nursery decor artwork

I love, love, love the wall art in this set up from Dust Jacket. It’s totally plain and simple, but that wall art with the deeper shades and bold prints, does all the work. Such an easy way to keep the decorating to a minimum while having a point of interest which will be super easy to change and update as the little one grows up.

cream neutral nursery

This room from House of Wentworth is a little different – it’s not fresh and simple, it’s luxurious, warm and very plush. It’s a room designed for an adult as much as a baby, and while the furniture is white the addition of the wooden drawers, the hessian blinds and the chandelier warm it up and make it a beautiful, calming space. I also love how they’ve layered rugs to add even more texture and warmth.

If you want to keep it natural but add some interest on the walls, you don’t have to go crazy child-like, there are some stylish wallpapers out there that are perfect for a nursery without cracking out the teddy bears and owls.

john lewis wallpaper nursery

This exclusive Designers Guild wallpaper from John Lewis is so subtle and cute, without being overly cutesy.It looks like a child has sketched on it with chalk, it’s adorable.

fabrics and papers stars wallpaper

Stars are always a hit in the nursery (sweet dreams, reach for the stars… you get the idea) and this simple star paper in natural shades from Fabrics and Papers is perfectly understated.

raindrops wallpaper

I’m a HUGE metallics fan, they’re a key part of the decor in every room of my house and it will be no different for the nursery. This gold raindrops wallpaper  from Not on the High Street is a nice take on the stars trend, and it’s gold, so more could you want.

etsy sheep hessian bunting

Finally, bunting is popular these days and is a simple way to bring some temporary fun into the room, whether it’s by spelling out the baby’s name, using different fabrics and patterns, or in the case of this Etsy number, sheep! This would actually be really simple to make as this hessian fabric (another touch of ‘natural’) is pretty cheap to buy, cut out using fabric or zig zag scissors, and use a stencil or a stamp with fabric paint to paint the sheep onto each piece. Hang together with string and hey presto, you’ve made your own bunting!

What colour did you go for in your nursery? Have I missed a base colour palette that I might want to consider?!

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