About From Day Dot

First time parents to baby Max, all Liverpool born and bred and completely winging this whole parenthood thing.

I started From Day Dot as a diary to record our journey and to share my experience of pregnancy and motherhood, from bump to baby and beyond!

From Day Dot was my dirty little secret while I was in the early stages of pregnancy, and I’ve never fully come out of the closet to my friends or family, not even the husband. But I’m called Sarah and he’s called Gav and between us we’re somehow raising our first child, beautiful little Max, who joined the party in November 2016.

So that’s us, hope you enjoy following our story and slide into parenthood!

Please contact me to say hi, or for collaboration or work opportunities:

Email: fromdaydot@outlook.com

Twitter: @daydotdiaries

Instagram: From Day Dot


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  1. Oh gosh! Hearing stories of horrible bullying towards breastfeeding mums piss me off so much!. My NCT friend use to cry every time she saw her health visitor until I gave her my French talk 🙂 In France my paediatrician was amazed that I was breastfeeding and not bottle feeding like most French women. Six weeks after having my 2nd boy, I was rushed to hospital with a septicaemia. I had to stay 2 week and couldn’t see my baby. I had to pump my milk and throw it because I was on so much drugs. While he had been on bottle while I was hospitalised, with perseverance I managed to get him back on breastfeeding!Not matter what, your body is your body and your baby is your baby! As long as you and your baby are healthy what you do is your choice. Well done you for persevering!

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