A few of my fave teepees and play tents

Max’s first birthday is fast approaching, something I still find it hard to wrap my head around (this has been the quickest year in all of time, right?) and I’ve been looking for the perfect tipi (teepee?) as his gift.

He’s going to get all the colourful plastic tat toys from the grandparents, and I know he won’t sit in a tipi at this age but I’m sure he’ll enjoy it when he’s older, so I’m getting it for his first birthday while he’s at the age where he can’t complain about me not getting him something ‘fun’ to play with.

As much as it’s going to be Max’s play den, it’s also going to be a part of the furniture, and these things aren’t cheap, so it was only right that I did the due research (i.e. 20 hours on Pinterest and Instagram) to find the one that was the right size, colour, shape, price and fabric to fit in with the living room and hide all of Max’s crap in.

So to save you some time, here are a few of my favourite tipi finds:

Nobodinoz at Smallable

I came across both the Smallable online store and the brand Nobodinoz during my tipi hunt, and while both stretch my price range, I love their stuff all the same.

If you’ve followed my blog or Instagram before now, you’ll know mint green, black and triangles all feature heavily in Max’s nursery, so this Arizona tipi was basically made for Max.

At £119.54, and a base with of 128 cm, it was a little large in every sense for my needs, but if budget and space weren’t an issue (and ideally the space was in Max’s nursery and not my living room) this would probably have been an instant buy for me.

Nobodinoz at Smallable – mini teepee

Same brand, same place, but this mini cotton teepee was the smallest tipi I found on my search. It’s cute for sure, and again has lots of fun print options, but for me was a little too small (I know, I’m real life Goldilocks).

Natural Teepee Tent – Fun With Mum

Fun With Mum has a good range of teepee tents in different colours and prints, and you can buy as a package with the floor mat and cushions. They were also among the cheapest I found – the teepees are currently on sale for £64.80, which for a 1m x 1.5m tent in cotton canvas is pretty good. This natural teepee was in my final two…

Pure Black Teepee – Little Nomad

Little Nomad is a European company who ship to the UK (they’re also on Etsy, which is where I found them) and have a nice little range of teepees in plain fabrics or bold prints. This black one (€99, around £89) would have stuck out like a sore thumb in my living room but it’s one of the only black ones I’ve seen and I was completely drawn in by this image. So if you’re looking for something dramatic and different, this could be your one. I don’t think the cat comes with it.

Ferm Living Tent – Amara

Nope it’s not a teepee, it’s a tent, of sorts. But if you’re looking for something a little different (I mean everyone has a teepee now, don’t they?!) this is a cute option and is something I did consider. But I just love the thought of my little explorer in his tipi tent, so my mind was made up.

Narrow Tipi – The Tipi

And so on to my chosen teepee tent.

I stumbled across The Tipi on one of my extensive Google searches (the kind where you Google the same things over and over in the hope that something new will come up, and eventually it worked). They have a lovely range of tipis, also stocking Little Nomad (love this plain white one) and Nobodinoz, and lots of other nursery decor.

After much deliberation, I chose this £100 Natural Tipi with a grey and white star print, which I’ve pre-ordered for delivery in October (just in time for Max’s November birthday).

Pom pom and floor mat are included, and ultimately it was size over cost which made my mind up – yes it’s more expensive than the Fun With Mum tipi but with a base of 95cm it will fit nicely in the corner we have earmarked for his den, and those 5cm will make all the difference. The natural colour makes it timeless and in our predominantly grey and wood living room hopefully it will fit in seamlessly. I love the detail of the pom pom and the window (which isn’t a feature on some of the Little Nomad tents, from what I can tell).

I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can add some lights, throw all of his crap possessions in, and see Max enjoying his first ever den!

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