Max 5 Month Development Diary

Month five passed in a blur, and it was without doubt my favourite month with Max so far. Without even realising it we’d passed through the newborn stage, and suddenly we were reminiscing on the days when we were obsessively Google colic symptoms, getting up every two hours during the night and taking Max to bed with us at 10pm, when Master had woken from his late evening nap and we were free to finally collapse into bed.

At the time it felt like those phases were never going to end, we couldn’t even imagine watching evening TV without a baby on our laps or both getting a solid four hours sleep at the same time. But it turns out this parenting malarkey is just that – a series of phases, and baby’s character, needs and quirks change so quickly you forgot the previous phase ever happened, even though at the time you thought it was going to be a life sentence.

It’s all part of baby’s development, and boy do they develop fast in these first few months. Literally overnight Max will have picked up a new skill or become more aware or grown into (or out of) clothes. According to The Wonder Weeks, Max has spent the last five weeks (between weeks 14 and 19) going through a ‘stormy’ patch while he navigates his way through the big ‘events leap’. It’s worked out fairly accurate as he’s been a bit of a grumpy bugger, and with impending teeth thrown into the mix it has indeed been a bumpy few weeks. But he’s coming out the other side and through it all, the bad was outweighed by the good when we’d see him suddenly observing the world through new eyes, understanding who we were and what we were doing, recognising himself in the mirror and becoming increasing vocal (the good kind, not the screaming in our face kind).

Without being too soppy, it’s a beautiful thing to watch and just when you think you can’t feel more love or pride for a person, you’re proven wrong every day.

So having said all that, it’s time to look at what Baby Centre thinks Max should be doing at five months old, and what is he actually doing…

Baby Centre says Max should… be distinguishing between bold colours.

Max is… probably doing this, it’s hard to tell. But he is taking more interest in the bright coloured toys than before, and less interest in his neutral Mamas and Papas playmat, which seems to suggest he’s up to speed with this one.

Baby Centre says Max should… be rolling over.

Max is… screaming into the carpet. He should be rolling over already? Really?! He’s only just started lifting his face out of the rug and while he does sometimes hold himself up with his hands, he’s proving to be quite a lazy boy and chooses to rub his face on the floor while he squirms around and demands to be lifted off the floor with dignity. He’s almost rolled from front to back a couple of times but this was definitely an accident. He’ll get there, and I’m making the most of being able to put him down knowing he’ll be staying put for a little longer.

There’s that long awaited mini push up!!
Baby Centre says Max should… amuse himself by playing with his hands and feet.

Max is… rubbing his hands together like a little villian and playing with his toes which I’m still not sure he’s realised are attached to his body.


Baby Centre says Max might be able to… turn towards a new sound.

Max is… doing it when he feels like it. He’s got selective hearing (like his Dad) so if a sound doesn’t take his fancy he won’t make the effort to even move his eyes in it’s direction.

Baby Centre says Max might be able to… recognise his own name.

Max is… apparently not clear on his name yet. I need to start actually calling him Max instead of one of the many affectionate variations I’ve taken to using (Maxi, Maxi Cosi, Maxidoodle, Maximoodle, Maxy Waxy, the list goes on…)


Baby Centre says there’s a slight chance that Max can… sit up momentarily without support.

Max is… slowly falling from a sitting position, so I guess there’s a moment of sitting up before he face plants the floor, if that counts?

Baby Centre says there’s a slight chance that Max can… mouth objects.

Max is… pulling the toys on his bouncer chair in the direction of his mouth, before letting go and finishing the job by chewing his fist. Is that even what ‘mouth objects’ means?! He’s slowly starting to grasp objects more now, and some make it towards his mouth, some don’t. But even when I shove a teething toy in his gob he still doesn’t get the idea and forces it back out with his tongue. His fingers, or my fingers, or anyone’s fingers to be fair, seem to be the only thing good enough for Maxi’s mouth just now.

I shoved it in, intercepting the hand meeting the mouth
Baby Centre says there’s a slight chance that Max can… have some stranger anxiety.

Max is… not showing any signs of this yet. It’s a bit heart breaking to even think about my baby feeling any sort of anxiety, but I’ll secretly probably love it when he turns to me for comfort when he’s nervous of strangers. Not that I’m nurturing a Mummy’s boy or anything…

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