Top picks from Max’s Spring wardrobe

Max had some seriously cute baby clothes. My heart broke a little when I was packing up all of his newborn and 0-3 clothes to go in the loft (you know, just in case), and it reminded me how pleasantly surprised I’ve been over the quality and style of the boyswear I’ve found so far on the high street and from some fab small businesses which I seek out/stumble across on Instagram.

But, his little baby wardrobe was a bit of a hodge podge of gifts (everyone wants to buy a cute baby outfit don’t they) and random clothes that I’ve seen, loved and bought without a thought as to what it might be worn with.

So since leaping out of his 0-3’s and into his 3-6’s, I took the opportunity to build a wardrobe for my little one that will give me options without the stress of making sure he wears every random item at least once. Call it a capsule wardrobe, if you will, but with a bit more flexibility so we’re not caught out by sick or poo-tastrophes (and with a few gifted wild cards still in the mix). I’m determined for him to look a little cool but still seriously cute, he’s not going to let me dress him in dog print dungarees forever (this one, to be exact), so I want him to dress like a baby while he still is one.

So with my sensible head on, here are my favourite looks from Max’s Spring wardrobe…

Print clashing from Marks and Spencer

I love this two piece set from M&S – my husband doesn’t ‘get’ print clashing so isn’t a fan – but I think it’s really cute and the top and bottoms separately are gorgeous for mixing and matching. If you’re also not into the clashing, they do the leggings with a red tractor jumper which is a little more traditional but still very cool.

Two piece set, sweater & leggings: Marks and Spencer


Mixing and matching the M&S top with these super handy, go-with-everything charcoal harem joggers from Mamas and Papas and this really cool little fleece lined bomber from Nutmeg, the children’s range at Morrisons.

High street meets Shop Small

I love love love finding small business on Instagram to pick up unique clothes or nursery items. These leggings in my favourite arrow print (keeping ‘on-brand’ and in keeping with the nursery!) are from the lovely Fox and the Bear and have reversible cuffs so they can be turned up while they’re still small.

The top is the Henley Shirt from H&M – you can find some nice pieces in H&M Baby for a really reasonable price and the best thing is they come in alternative sizes (e.g. 4-6 months) which helps when they’re in that in-between stage of sizes.

The booties are from Baby Gap and are totally adorable, if a little on the expensive side, in my opinion, but go with every outfit so he’s more than had his wear out of them.

Top: H&M; Leggings: Fox and the Bear; Booties: Baby Gap


Serious stripes

Another H&M number, this striped jumper is very cool and the fabric is lovely and soft. The jeans are Autograph at Marks and Spencer and I’ll admit I’m putting off dressing him in these, I just want my baby to wear comfy leggings forever, I’m not ready to have him wearing ‘grown up’ clothes with buttons!

Top: H&M; Jeans: Marks & Spencer; Booties: Baby Gap

Dinosaur Days

Dinosaurs feature heavily in Max’s wardrobe and I kind of like it. This very cute t-shirt is from John Lewis and while I know you can buy baby t-shirts for an absolute steal, making this £9 purchase seem particularly dear, the print matches one of his muslins and, you know, John Lewis is pretty good quality. Not somewhere I’ll be shopping regularly, which is unfortunate as they do have the most adorable boys clothes.

These ribbed leggings are a must-have from Marks and Spencers, they’re part of a two pack with a light grey pair and they’ll be on his little legs almost permanently for the next three months.

T-Shirt: John Lewis; Leggings: Marks & Spencer (2 pack); Hat: Hand me down!


Dinosaurs – told you, they’re everywhere

I’m a huge fan of geometric prints and Max will no doubt become a huge fan of dinosaurs, so it’s a win-win with this cute teal dinosaur top from Next (not that Max has got any say in the matter).

Didn’t I also tell you that those M&S leggings would be perfect for mixing and matching?…

Top: Next; Leggings: Marks & Spencer (part of 2 piece set)


I’ve bought more since I started this post, so it could have gone on forever. I need to curb my spending and not get carried away, but with so much brilliant choice on the high street and from those fab small retailers, it’s going to be tough!

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