Max’s Development Diary: 4 months

Four months in and time really is flying (I know, cliche, but it’s true). Max seems to be changing before my eyes, developing new skills every day and quite literally out-growing clothes overnight. It’s amazing but a little heartbreaking all at the same time.

In case you didn’t catch his 3 month update, I’ve decided to keep track of Max’s development versus the Baby Centre baby milestone chart – not to stress myself out by comparing my baby, but to prove that all babies are different and will develop in their own time. I can see this even more clearly at month four, where there are starker gaps between Max’s skills against where he ‘should’ be at, but I’m not worried, he’ll get round to all of them when he’s good and ready, and I’m the last person to wish time away! So, let’s see how he’s getting on at four months old…

Baby Centre says Max should… be holding his head up steady.

Max is… holding his own. No doubt about it, he’s got a strong neck on those shoulders and isn’t happy unless he’s stood on someone’s knee with the best view of the TV. I wonder sometimes if he’s still got some developing to do as he tends to look downwards a lot and only when he really feels like it will lift his chin to look above eye level, and I think this shows during tummy time… well just read on, you’ll see what I mean.

Baby Centre says Max should… be bearing weight on his legs.

Max is… nailing it. See photo above. Loves standing up and walking all over Mummy and Daddy.

Baby Centre says Max should… coo when we talk to him.

Max is… cooing, shouting, gurgling, giggling (currently a rare but beautiful sound). When we talk to him, or not, depending on his mood. He’s showing his little personality already and won’t talk unless he’s got something to say, which I love. But when he wants to rant he really goes for it and gives himself the hiccups from the exertion.

Baby Centre says Max should… be doing mini push ups

Max is… a squirming, flailing lump on the floor. I hoped he’d have come on a bit more in this area, and when he’s across my knee he seems able to lift up his head a little and I think he might have cracked it. Transfer him to the floor and he’s still licking the carpet with no hint of a push up or roll over or even touching the floor with his hands. We’ll keep tummy time on the agenda and I’m hoping one day the light bulb will come on and he’ll just nail it.

Baby Centre says Max might be able to… grasp a toy.

Max is… just about getting there. He’s been a fan of grasping my fingers and hair for a long time now, but has only in the past couple of weeks started to grasp his toys and other objects (bell-sleeve tops are an easy target and end up straight in the mouth). He’s selective over which toys he grabs and it doesn’t seem to have clicked yet that he can do this to all toys or anything around him, and keeping a firm enough grasp to put said toy in his mouth is a little shaky.

Baby Centre says Max might be able to… reach out for objects.

Max is… selectively doing this. He reaches out for my arm when I’m changing his nappy (not out of affection, apparently my sleeves are the only suitable alternatives to his fists to relieve those poor gums), and he knows which toys to reach out and grab when he’s in his bouncer. He’s not yet grabbing at anything and everything within reach, which I suppose I should be grateful for.

Baby Centre says Max might be able to… roll over.

Max is… nowhere near. I get the odd quarter roll from his back to his side but I’m pretty sure this is an accident. And I found him after a nap face down the other day which was a shock to say the least, I have no idea how he did it and neither does he.

Baby Centre says there’s a slight chance that Max can… imitate speech sounds (baba, Dada)…

Max is… great at shouting like a hooligan but there’s no form to him speech yet. It’s sounded like he’s said ‘hiyaaaa’ a few times but I’m realistic to know that this isn’t what he was saying. He’s not made any ‘ba’, ‘da’ or ‘ma’ sounds at all yet (he’s being trained on ‘ma’ much more than then the others, naturally),

Baby Centre says there’s a slight chance that Max… may be cutting his first tooth.

Max is… almost there with his first tooth, I think. He’s a drooling mess, with a slightly snotty nose and a grumpy disposition at times, which I’m putting down to teething, and when I’m rubbing that baby bonjella on his gums (a process of elimination to stop him whinging) they’re rock hard with a particularly hard spot on his top gum, which we’re suspecting is a tooth. My little baby is growing teeth. I can’t cope!!!

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