Max’s Monthly Development Diaries: 3 months

Today, 2nd February, Max is three months old. THREE MONTHS OLD. What the…?!!

I knew 12 months of maternity leave would go quickly but this is ridiculous. I can remember his dramatic entrance like it was yesterday.

I think it’s natural as a first time Mum to be fascinated by baby’s developmental milestones, wanting to know what’s normal and what’s next. I’m also very mindful that every baby is different and am careful to not get caught up in what Max should be doing and enjoying the moment of what he is doing.

So, following on from my weekly pregnancy diary I thought I’d use the big three month mark to start a monthly review of where Max is at, and how it compares to the baby milestone chart on popular baby know-it-all site, Baby Centre. There are loads of other sites and apps who offer development timelines but I’ve spent many an ungodly hour Googling every baby question under the sun, and always seemed to get the clearest and simplest answer from Baby Centre. So let’s see how Max is getting on at three months old…

Baby Centre says Max should… be laughing a smiling.

Max is… (proof is in the pudding)…


Baby Centre says Max should… be holding his head steady.

Max is… not only holding his head steady but attempting regular sit ups.

Baby Centre says Max should… recognise your face and scent.

Max is… not sure about the scent, he’s not sniffing me out in a room full of people yet, but he’s recognising my boobs for sure. I’m pretty sure he knows my face but he’s picky over who he acknowledges. I can go a whole morning with him looking everywhere except at my face, but the second Grandad or Nana or Daddy or his ghost friend who hangs out up near the curtain pole pops their mug in his line of sight it’s all laughs and loving looks deep into their eyes. You know in my Newborn What Now?! post where I mentioned your baby hating you? Yeah, well…

Baby Centre says Max might be able to… do some squealing, gurgling and cooing.

Max is… doing lots of screaming, grunting and crying. But yes, also some of the above too when he’s in the mood, the grumpy little…

Baby Centre says Max might be able to… recognise my voice.

Max is… taking after his Daddy and enforcing selective hearing. I know he can hear me, he just saves it for when I’m talking about food. Seriously though, on a couple of occasions he’s looked my way when I’ve walked into a room talking but I’m not sure I could confidently say he knows my voice as such. But then as per any normal adult talking to a baby, he normally hears me talking a good few pitches higher than my regular voice and sounding suspiciously like a baby, which is sure to confuse him.

Baby Centre says Max might be able to… do mini push ups.

Max is… licking the carpet. Maybe I’m not giving him enough tummy time but he’s not mastered the art of putting his hands on the floor yet, so we’re a way off from push ups I think.

Baby Centre says there’s a slight chance that Max can… turn towards loud sounds.

Max is… not really registering them yet, unless it’s the clearly Earth-shattering sound of me breathing when I’m trying to get him to nap. Then he’s all over it.

Baby Centre says there’s a slight chance that Max can… bring hands together and bat at toys.

Max is… doing this by accident, occasionally. I’m not sure he’s realised his hands are connected to his body yet, despite him trying to shove them in his mouth at every opportunity.

Baby Centre says there’s a slight chance that Max can… roll over.

Max is… keeping us on our toes by doing a half roll from his back to his side. Not enough times to make us think he’s doing it on purpose, but enough times to scare us out of taking our eyes off his for more than five seconds.

So in all, I’d say Max is developing pretty well. Strong in some areas, not so much in others, so it’ll be good to see how these things change over the next four weeks, which will no doubt go by in the blink of an eye!

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