The Week That Was… The Leek!

I’m guessing this is the length of a leek, because at 38 weeks pregnant I would be worried if baby was the weight or width of a leek! As everything I read keeps saying, now is just a waiting game, there’s no more I can do even though I feel completely unprepared.

I feel as ready as I possibly could for labour, however that might go, but when baby is here I don’t know what the hell I’m doing and it’s really just dawning on me. I’ve always been pretty laid back and know that instinct will take over and I’ll pick it up as I go, but is this enough?!

One thing I did at the end of week 37 is take and send of the Group Strep B test. Not routinely tested in the UK despite the potentially fatal outcome if a new baby contracts it during delivery – read all about Group Strep B here, it’s important to be aware – I ordered the test online, which is free to have delivered and costs £35 once you’ve sent it to the lab to have the swab tested. I ummed and ahhed a bit as I was nervous about testing positive and having restrictions placed on me during labour when I’d have to have intravenous antibiotics from the outset. I also was nervous about the effects of antibiotics on baby but after contracting Meningitis as a baby myself (meningitis is a possible outcome of Group Strep B) I realised it was something I just had to do as I’d never be able to forgive myself if my baby caught it and any damage was done. It’s a completely personal thing and, like those decisions for the combined screening in the early days (a decision I struggled with at the time), it’s something only you can answer and no-one should ever judge you for.

On a lighter note, week 38 started off beautifully with the birth of not one but two babies – one friend was 2 weeks over and had her baby girl after being induced, and one friend was over two weeks early with her little boy. The latter was due after me so this is when it really hit home that I am next, out of the raft of friends due this year there’s no-one left, it’s just me now!!

It was a quiet week, I batch-cooked up a storm in preparation for those hazy nights when we can only muster the energy to pull something out of the freezer (see my lamb, spinach and potato curry recipe here), and saw more friends. I had my first day of maternity leave where I didn’t nothing, literally nothing, all day. The husband was in bed with a vomiting bug which naturally, I was terrified of catching, so I holed myself up in the living room and spent the day watching TV. It was great although I did feel like I was wasting precious time, but I didn’t catch the bug and it actually probably did me a world of good to completely switch off for once.

Baby is good, wriggling and stretching me in all directions, I’m really going to miss that feeling, but still during week 38 I didn’t feel at all like I was going to have a baby at any point. Maybe week 39 will be the turning point…

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