The Week That Was… The Honeydew Melon!

This week – week 37 of pregnancy – baby was the size of a honeydew melon and is now considered full term! Just time to pack on the fat now (baby more than me, hopefully).

It was week two of my annual leave before my official maternity leave starts in week 38 – read about how I’m finding time off so far in my Maternity Leave Limbo post – and it was a week of catching up with friends over coffee and having the odd day of not leaving the house and just pottering around and relaxing as much as I can, something I still haven’t got bored of.

Baby has been moving around a lot and during a garden centre trip with the parents I got some serious period-type pains and back ache, which is how a lot of people have described early labour. Despite this, I knew it wasn’t anything to get excited about and didn’t even mention it to my Mum and Dad, and my midwife did say at the end of the week that it was probably baby burrowing down into position, as they’re much lower than last time I saw her. It’s all getting real and those pains were a reminder that bump will become baby very soon!

38 week bumpie!
The week was actually kicked off with a surprise baby shower, organised by my sister-in-law and facilitated by my sneaky Mum and Husband, and I was totally surprised to find my Mother and Sister-In-Law and two friends at the Malmaison Hotel in Liverpool, instead of the crafts fair my Mum had told me we were visiting.

Afternoon Tea with a twist

I had always said I didn’t want a baby shower, I hated the thought of being heavily pregnant with all eyes on me, and especially of people feeling the need to buy gifts before the baby had even arrived. But this was a nice close friends and family Afternoon Tea – it’s not often in life that people do something just for you without you knowing so it was lovely and I really appreciated the effort.


Classic Baby Shower Nappy Cake
Gifts-wise, I was given some lovely stuff for both me and the baby, including the obligatory baby shower nappy cake from my Mother-in-Law, some super cool baby leggings from my friend – she’s definitely been following my Instagram because they’re right up my street – and the cutest Peter Pan collar baby grow from H&M Conscious and hand-knitted hat pom pom hat from another friend who kindly sent it along as she couldn’t make it to the shower.

The coolest leggings for Baby Lynch

I mean, mint green, grey and triangles… someone’s been following my Insta!

How adorable is that hand knitted hat!!

The softest fabric from H&M Conscious – a perfect unisex number
Another friend also helped to stock up the winter wardrobe with a very cute and super soft hat and booties set, again from H&M Conscious. I’ve since had a look online and the H&M Conscious baby collection is great, lots of very cute clothes and accessories with the ‘sustainable style for kids’ strapline.

img_7505 My Mum, bless her, bought baby a bunny rabbit (the kind you can’t stop stroking your face on) and kindly bought me some body treatments and candles with the advice to remember to look after yourself when you can, a happy Mum is a happy Baby. Easier said than done I’m sure but these Spaa Retreat goodies can only help!
img_7507 It was a lovely afternoon with good food, good company and essentially, no input or organisation required from me!

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