The Week That Was… The Papaya!

I’m somewhat sceptical over this week’s baby size, as the papayas I’ve known have definitely not been bigger than a bunch of carrots. Sure, it’s a US app but it makes me wonder what those Americans are feeding their fruit and veg to get papayas of such epic proportions.

Anyway, it was week 36 and baby was apparently the size of a papaya. It was also my first week of maternity leave woohoooo! Well it was technically my first week of a two week holiday, which I bolted on to the start of my mat leave, but either way I wasn’t in work, I wasn’t out of the house for 12 hours every day and I wasn’t doing the dreaded hour and a half drive to get there. All of that in itself was pure bliss.

I did kick off proceedings with a Head cold which basically felt like the last eight months catching up with me as I finally started to slowed things down. The cold did its thing and left me for the rest of the week feeling fine but totally groggy, lethargic and sticky in the head. It made me wonder if it was the cold, possibly a lack of some vitamins, general affects of the wind down or if it was a completely normal for someone at 36 weeks pregnant.

I’m still not sure but I do feel more nervous for the labour now purely because I don’t feel like I’d have the energy to do it if it kicked off right now!

It was a busy week of finishing the hospital bag shopping (I know, a little late), seeing friends and family and doing some admin – the newborn white wash kind rather than the budgets and holiday sheets kind, definitely a more enjoyable kind of admin than I’m used to!

We had our hospital tour at the fabulous Liverpool Women’s Hospital on Monday which I found genuinely useful. It’s a wonderful place and unlike any maternity unit I’ve ever visited before, it felt calm, organised, clean yet not clinical – it obviously is but they manage to create an ambiance in those rooms which are inviting, relaxing and the kind of place you’d want to bring your baby into the world. I’m hoping for an attempt at a water birth if possible so it was good to see this set up and generally know where to go, where I might end up and where my life of motherhood will begin.

A lovely touch was that on checking my phone when I got home, it turned out that two of my friends were in that very hospital right that moment in labour, I was probably on the other side of a wall to then both at some point. A day later and two little girls were born healthy and well. It’s made me convinced I’m having a boy, the girls are coming thick and fast, there’s got to be a boy in the mix somewhere!

In other news, baby is still sitting quite high although my midwife said they have shuffled down since my last appointment. I definitely don’t feel like I’m about to drop, put it that way. My pelvic disorder (SPD) has stepped up a notch this week and I could barely even walk at one point. Luckily it’s still manageable for me but it’s not until you try and roll over in bed that you realise how much you use the bloody pelvis. It’s painful and it’s the one part of pregnancy that I’m really looking forward to being over.

So that was week 36, a little pain, a little admin and a lot of love. The countdown is well and truly on, I just hope I have the energy to make the most of this time before my life changes forever!

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