Nursery Vibes: Instant Download Prints

With the majority of my nursery decor I’ve been searching for specific and special, unique little finds which would bring my idea and theme to life and not look like an ‘off the shelf’ nursery – interiors is a passion of mine and this was the perfect chance for me to really go for it.

This approach has led me to Etsy many, many times during the past eight months. It’s full to the virtual brim of handmade, small business-esque, beautiful bits and pieces and my most recent find, which I didn’t even know was a ‘thing’, is printable art.

After experiencing a few customs issues with the fabric I bought from the US for my roman blinds, not to mention the patient wait for it to be shipped, the idea of being able to instantly download my purchase and taking control of the printing element into my own hands was music to my ears, and it uncovered a whole world of brilliant designs which were suddenly easily accessible, no matter where you are in the world.

One of my favourite shops, which I eventually bought a few pictures from for the nursery, was called Heart of Life Design. Full of gorgeous quotes, florals, animals and whimsical styles, it’s so easy to get lost in this store while you search out the perfect print. I bought the teepee print which goes perfectly with my teepee changing mat and has some mint green to tie in the gold, grey and mint green colour palette.


I really wanted to add some ‘cute’ into the room – it’s all arrows, teepees, triangles which I love, but ultimately it’s a baby’s room and I want it to also feel cuddly and cute. I wanted the wall art to tie nicely into the theme but be animal-based, which in itself ties nicely into the wilderness style, so when I came across these tribal animal prints on Heart of Life Designs, it was love at first sight. Check out the bits of mint green to, it was so meant to be!



These gorgeous animal prints are sold separately or also come in a set of four tribal animal prints including a sloth and a fox – totally adorable.

For just £4.40 for a single print, you get the instant download in four sizes. I sent mine off to print via Truprint, going for the 8×10 size in a matte finish at a cost of 99p per print, and have displayed them in simple black frames from George at Asda, and the teepee print in a super cheap gold frame from the photo range at Dunelm Mill.

I wasn’t quite as decisive as I probably sound here and I did buy a couple more prints from Nordic House Design Co. Also instant download and perfectly suited to my theme (and a little cheaper than Heart of Life Design but only downloadable in one size), the arrow print is now part of my living room picture shelf and I have my eye firmly on the beautiful feather print as part of my next update…



The only problem with this instant download business is, it makes it far too easy to chop and change, making decisions that bit more difficult and unnecessary!

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