Nursery Vibes: Teepees and Triangles

If you’ve followed my Nursery Vibes story on the blog over the last eight months you’ll have seen the progression from extensive inspiration-hunting (Pinterest was my best friend back in the first trimester days) and whittling down my favourite colour schemes and styles – from soft white and grey décor to crazy brights and everything in between – to my ultimate ideal unisex colour palette of mint green, gold and grey.

Over time, this has become even more niche as I found myself drawn towards the tribal theme – I’d posted about the arrows trend and how I didn’t care if it was ‘so 2013’ (sorry Project Nursery, but I don’t care) and what started with a must-have fabric (now my handmade Roman Blinds) and an old plank of wood with arrow hooks (now our upcycled picture shelf) has developed to a full on teepee tribal theme. There’s just something so strong about it which suggest adventure and nature – everything I want our little one to experience and embrace.


Recent additions to the room have cemented this, with my Replica RAR Rocking Chair being covered with the Mongolian faux Fur Rug (faux fur just screams ‘adventurer in the Canadian Rockies’, no? Just me?) and some artwork which I’ve recently bought via Etsy – a separate post will be coming soon on these as they deserve a bit of attention I think.

One recent buy was particularly exciting as I was just about to give up and settle for something not on-theme out of desperation, until one day in a final last ditch Google search, I came across Mini Maison and found the changing mat I’d been dreaming about. I couldn’t even tell you what I’d searched for differently to the previous 3,000 searched but up it popped, the perfect monochrome teepee and arrow printed mat. For just £20. I KNOW!! I ordered it, had a lovely bit of chat with Jo at Mini Maison and a few days later the mat was snugly in it’s new home with me adoringly taking photos and rambling on about how determination, patience and passion pay off in the end.





Next up in my tribal adventure is something I’ve covered a lot in previous posts – the wall stickers. I’d settled on triangles and I’d settled on a tribal layout after a whole inspo hunt on the topic of triangle wall sticker layouts (who knew there could be so many ways to do it?!)

In the pursuit of the perfect mint green shade of sticker I even went to the effort and expense of having my own printed, which still didn’t turn out right – the colour sample was spot on mint green, the final 30 I had printed are blue. And there’s something weird going on when I peel a blue sticker off the backing and it transforms to the exact shade of mint green before turning blue again when stuck to the wall (something which the sample doesn’t do).

See, definitely blue!

By that point though, after much printer to-ing and fro-ing, I’d sort of lost the will to carry on, and am actually happier with the format I’ve decided on. Sticking will commence this weekend and will be completed with the blue or blush pink shades once we  know if we have a little warrior or a little, erm, warrior-ess on our hands.

I’ll post in full when it’s done but in the meantime here’s a sneak peek of my test wall…


img_1798 img_1799 img_1801 img_1802

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0 thoughts on “Nursery Vibes: Teepees and Triangles

  1. I have said it before and will again I love this nursery, it is just perfect. The mat is a perfect finish.

    Love the stickers, me personally I lvoe all 4 colours for either sex xxx

    1. Oh thanks so much! Yes the colours are nice together I’m really excited to get them on the wall! Thanks for reading! xxx

    1. Thanks Caro 😊 Oh I know, I’m making the most of the quiet, the clean walls, the clean carpet, the sleep-ful nights… trying to mentally prepare myself!! Xx

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