The Week That Was… The Savoy Cabbage!

34 weeks pregnant, and baby is the size of a Savoy cabbage.

It started out with a really productive weekend of shopping – I spend so much time researching everything online, looking for the perfect thing at the perfect price, and this was just one of those days where you nip to Aldi for milk and end up coming home with a car boot full of baby must-haves and décor-perfect bargains from places you’d never even considered.

Starting with the Aldi Baby & Toddler Event where we walked out (after paying, obvs) with a three pack of super cute fox print baby grows for £4.99, a pack of travel wipes (I hear wipes will become my life), two GORGEOUS grey satin trimmed cellular blankets for £2.49 each (I’ve only been able to find white, blue and pink so I almost cried when I saw them) and a four pack of Tommee Tippee 0+ bottles which after a quick online search (told you, I can’t help myself) I found ranges from £13 – £18 in various shops, and we picked it up for just £5.99! I know!!

Three little foxy sleepsuits

We then stopped in at B&M where we got some nappy bags and stumbled across a light grey Mongolian fur rug for just £12.99, and a monochrome triangle print footstool for £7.99 – both perfect for my nursery plans – there’s a story, read all about it and see the end result in my Dream Nursery Chair post.

A sneak peek of my B&M bargain!

A Mothercare sale, Asda blanket and basics, online Ewan the Sheep order and four pairs of shoes for me later (all absolute bargains I promise!) it was a busy weekend of unexpected buys and bargains all in the name of getting baby-ready (and having nice shoes when my preggo feet are back to normal size)!

The other big news this week was that I went for my growth scan on Tuesday after being measured outside of my ‘normal’ at my last midwife appointment during the week of the cauliflower. I wasn’t worried, but for the first time I did feel a tad edgy in the hospital, probably because I knew the next time I’d be in one would probably be B-Day. The last scan was so long ago when nothing felt real, this time it was very real.

As it turns out, Baby Lynch was perfectly average size at around 5lb 1oz and on track to be an early 8lb-er, so no growth problems at all. And while it could have been a concerning situation it actually ended up being really positive as we got to see our baby at an almost-fully developed stage which is so different to the little dot of a baby we saw 14 weeks ago.

Despite trying to hide their face like a diva, we caught a glimpse of the fingers, the face, it’s cute little nose and eyes – both the dark sockets and then the totally freaky wide round eyeball when it opened it’s eyes (it literally looks like a joke shop eyeball) – and loads of hair which, if you believe the old wives tales, would explain the heartburn! We even got a little wave. It was precious and a lovely way to spend a Tuesday morning.

Symptoms-wise, heartburn upped the ante this week with a slightly disturbing episode which involved me waking myself up choking. There are some real grim parts to this pregnancy thing. My pelvis pain is very gradually getting worse as predicted last week, and the pain I’ve had in my back for years and have tried endless treatment on has suddenly hit an all time low, waking me up every night and making it impossible to get back to sleep because of the pain. Not sure what’s going on there but it’s hard to stay miserable for too long when baby gives me a kick and reminds me what it’s all about. 

Other big and lovely news this week was that my pregnant friend Tash, the first person I told about my blog and the one I’ve lived through this past 8 months with, gave birth a day early to a healthy little boy. A very quick birth and an unusually positive birth story, which was nice to hear, I’m so happy for her and her husband and now that she’s had her baby, it’s all become very real that mine is going to be here too, very, very soon…

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