Afternoon Tea at Panoramic 34

Last week, I met up with seven friends for Afternoon Tea at Panoramic 34 in Liverpool to see three of us off into impending parenthood. Due within weeks of each other, it was nice to chat symptoms, shopping and all things baby, as well as catching up on non-baby life, which is always good to do, it’s crazy how quickly and easily baby life can take over before you’ve even had the baby!

Panoramic 34 is at the top of Beetham Tower with one of the best, you guessed it, panoramic views of Liverpool. It was my first time there but I’ve heard only good things about their food, and the views make it the perfect spot for a special occasion.

Our view of Liverpool over Afternoon Tea
A table full of yum

The afternoon tea was delicious, with the usual mix of cute cut sandwiches – helpfully including enough variations to suit the three preggos – a huge bowl of little scones with jam and cream, and a three tier display of miniature cakes. The scones were the highlight for me, god I love a good scone (and I’m a Scouser so I am a ‘scon‘, not ‘scown‘ girl, so shoot me) and the cakes were suitably fancy and varied, not the endless sticky flapjacks and heavy biscuit-based chunks you often get for afternoon tea.

This was just my plate, obviously


Elderflower and lime macaroons, mocha crunch, praline and caramel slices and orange tarts… a real treat and so many different things to try I couldn’t help but offer my services when someone was offered the box of leftovers (what kind of friend would I be if I turned them down?!)



Served with coffee or tea and a glass of bubbly for the drinkers in the group, considering it felt like a special occasion the £20 price tag (for the non-drinkers) seemed really reasonable and well worth it. A lovely time had by all, babies included!



For the occasion, I wore a non-maternity Next metallic ribbed long top with my comfortable maternity leggings, to fit in all of the food, obviously. One word of warning though, if you do visit the Panoramic on a sunny late summer day – it’s hot. Sweaty upper lip kind of hot, so avoid the long sleeves and fine knit, take my word for it.


I’d highly recommend giving it a whirl if you’re ever in Liverpool, whether you have the time for Afternoon Tea, a full three course meal or just a cheeky cocktail, there are some places you just have to do once in your life.

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  1. Those macarons look to die for – what a gorgeous colour! I’ve not spent any real time in Liverpool, but if we do visit, I’ll be sure to check this place out. Love a good afternoon tea. You look stunning xx #foodiefriday

    1. Ah thanks so much Steph ☺️ There are tonnes of great places to visit if you ever make it to Liverpool, but if you’re looking for a fancy Afternoon Tea this is one I’d recommend! And the macaroons were delicious! Thanks for reading! Xx

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