The Week That Was… The Cauliflower!

The week that was the cauliflower, otherwise known as week 33 of pregnancy, started with a more vigorous than usual pregnancy yoga class.

Our usual teacher was on holiday so we had a stand in, who was a serious yogi. I’m talking lots of vocal “ommm….nommmm….”-ing and ‘flows’. I’m used to a bit of chat and deep breathing so this really took it out of me and the other handful of people who turned up to the class. Not entirely sure if I’ll go back until my usual teacher’s there, is it ok that I can’t be bothered right now with anything that remotely resembles exercise? Walking around the shops baby shopping is exhausting enough, that surely classes as exercise, yes?

Sunday was a lovely day as I met up with seven of my friends for Afternoon Tea at Panoramic 34 in Liverpool to see three of us off into impending parenthood. Due within weeks of each other, it was nice to chat symptoms, shopping and all things baby, as well as catching up on non-baby life, which even before we have a baby has somehow taken over, and I’m dying to not let that happen. A full review of the Afternoon Tea available at Panoramic 34 will be on the way soon, but for now I’ll leave you with this to make your mouth water…

Afternoon Tea

Another Sunday Well Spent with lovely people, great food and fabulous views.



In actual baby news this week, I had my 34 week midwife appointment. All is fine, however I have jumped up in the growth chart again and am now outside of the ‘normal’ lines, meaning I have to go for a growth scan on Tuesday. I’m sure it’s all fine and I’ve either put the beef on (the afternoon tea could be testament to that) or am carrying lots of fluid. Or I could be carrying a real little chunk in there, who knows! I’m not concerned, there’s no point in worrying over something that might never happen, so we’ll see what the scan shows come Tuesday.

I also mentioned to my midwife the cracking pain I have in my pelvis, right down the middle (the pubic bone I guess) every time I lift my leg up to put clothes on, shave my legs, or apply any pressure like using it to push open a door. And when I say cracking pain, I mean it literally feels like the bone is going to crack in half. Apparently it sounds like I have symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) which is really common and due to the pregnancy hormones softening the ligaments which causes the pelvic bones to rub together. I’m assured that, despite it probably getting gradually worse before the end of my pregnancy, it will return to normal soon after, and so far it’s a pain I can manage no problem, so all good.

Finally this week, after our third and final antenatal class on Tuesday which covered a bit of new baby know-how (I think, I genuinely can’t remember) I booked on to one final class at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital which I attended on Friday with one of my pregnant friends. It was an Active Birth class so there wasn’t much I hadn’t already heard before, quite possibly in my original antenatal classes but for some reason the delivery of those classes just didn’t suit me and I didn’t feel like anything had gone in. The Friday class was a 2 hour gig, purely about the labour and the lady delivering the class was great – engaging, honest, quite funny and the use of her props (Arthur the freaky baby and her pelvic structure) helped us visualise what could happen and brought the whole thing to life a little more.

So it just goes to show that, just like school, learning is all about finding a style that suits you. All of this will probably go out of the window come B-Day but I feel better for having one last crack at learning and getting myself just to the right level of knowledgeable (i.e. not too much, ignorance can indeed be bliss) and prepared.

Pink Pear Bear

0 thoughts on “The Week That Was… The Cauliflower!

    1. Thank you 🙂 Good to hear about the pain (the bit about it going away, not the bit about it getting worse first!) Thanks for reading!

  1. Oh this has taken me back! I definitely think that pregnancy, birth and parenting is something where you have to find your own groove, and find what works for you, like everything I suppose, just with more worry attached as it’s not just you. That afternoon tea looked divine! I’m so hungry now! Thanks for joining in with the #bigpinklink

    1. Yep that’s what I’m learning, there’s no such thing as a ‘normal’ pregnancy, birth or child! Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  2. Pregnancies really vary. I was expecting big babies as I was huge but I actually had a swimming pool in there too and they were average size. I am now hungry after seeing the cakes!! Great post

    1. Haha a swimming pool. It’s true though, I have a number of pregnant friends and the difference in what we’ve all experienced is huge. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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