The Week That Was… Curly Kale!

Week 32 of pregnancy, when baby was the size of a bunch of kale, was a particularly busy one.

It started out well with a day off from work (technically week 31) to kick off a long weekend in the Lake District with my parents and husband. We stayed in a little pub in the middle of nowhere and spent the weekend visiting the beautiful little villages and towns of South Lakes, walking, eating and drinking in the sunshine. It was great to get away and have no phone service (I can’t believe that’s actually still a thing these days) and quite often no Wifi, and to spend some proper time as a foursome for the last time. I’m really lucky that my husband gets on so well with my Mum and Dad, he genuinely likes spending time in their company which makes my life really easy and pretty pleasant!

Baby Lynch enjoyed the Lakes I think, moreso than our Llandudno Babymoon where he/she went quiet for a few days, I think in protest of the shit-hole hotel we’d booked (and promptly left), but they seemed to be cartwheeling in delight at our little country pub jolly.

Movements have stepped up a gear lately, with what feels like a set of little feet permanently in my lung space making it a tad hard to breathe and movements that are less ‘counting the kicks’ and more ‘Alien Vs Predator’.

I also realised the other day after reading up on Braxton Hicks, that I have actually been having these practice contractions (or surges as my hypnobirthing book so serenely calls them) for quite a while now. I’d been mistaking them for the baby rolling over in my belly as I got up from the sofa, forgetting that they’re suspended in a balloon of fluid so don’t roll about with my movements in that way, and thought they were just chilling out with their full weight on the front of my belly making it go hard and tight and a little uncomfortable for a few seconds. Around 30-60 seconds, to be more precise, which is what switched the light bulb on when I read about what Braxton Hicks could feel like and how early they could start. You learn something new every day!

Somewhere that I didn’t learn something new this week was antenatal class number two. Oh, I lie, I learnt that if you put 15 people (including 7 permanently overheating pregnant women) in a room when it’s 24 degrees outside and just one little fan to waft hot air around, there’s a good chance you will faint. I spent the first hour fighting severe dizziness and the inevitably slide off the chair and onto the floor by trying to focus on the midwife’s face, and yet I took absolutely nothing in.

Eventually I caved and told the husband I didn’t feel well and we had to leave the class to get some fresh air and put my head as far between my knees as it will currently go. We rejoined the class to hear the lovely placenta birth bit, then went home and pretty much straight to bed, the whole experience draining the life out of me. I had to take my first sick day of pregnancy the following day to properly recover, I was hoping for a clean sheet but hey, no-one’s going to give me a medal for that at the end of it all and a day’s rest was just what I needed.


To round of this week, I got some good news when finally put my DIY Roman Blind Tutorial live on the inspiration section of their website, which you can read here, something I’m really proud of because it’s the first time I’ve been asked to create content for another brand and it was all because they saw my Mint Green, Gold and Grey Nursery post and wanted me to do something for them. And also because I put a lot of hard work into those blinds and managed to not mess them up, and I’m really proud of the end result!

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