The Week That Was… The Canteloupe Melon!

30 weeks pregnant and baby is the size of a Canteloupe Melon. How exotic.

I haven’t felt quite so exotic, what with heartburn, shortness of breath when I’m doing nothing more exertive than sitting in a chair, chafing thighs and painful hips. Turns out there ain’t no glamour in this pregnancy game.

My hips are becoming a real pain, literally. I started sleeping not so well for the first time last week and it’s mostly down to pains in my hips after half an hour of lying down. I’m doing the whole pillow between the legs thing which in itself is a sleep disturber thanks to having to manoeuvre the pillow along with my bump every time I need to roll over, but it’s the hip I’m lying on which is causing the problem. A great bloody pain right through my lower back, into my bum cheek and landing in my hip which make it unbearable to lie on that side any more. Bring on the big rollover, until it strikes on the other side.


Symptoms and moaning aside it’s otherwise been a lovely week thanks to an extended Bank Holiday Weekend which meant me and the husband had a whole five days off together. It was reasonably relaxed, spent at home, with family and with no major jobs to do which was what we needed. We also spent some of it at a BBQ at my friend’s house where I had chance to catch up with one of my pregnancy yoga buddies who is due a few weeks before me.

She told me about how she’s bought a pregnancy TENS machine, as opposed to hiring one – apparently it now costs around £30 to hire from Boots (it used to be £11 when our mutual friends, the BBQ host was pregnant) – an Ebay buy for £30 which she just needs to buy new electrodes for, and when baby’s here it will go back on Ebay. This is the only task I’ve set the husband so far, so let’s see what he comes up with.

She also told me she was going to get the flu jab as it’s advised if you’re having a winter baby. Oh and that she’s bought a Strep B testing kit which apparently needs to be done and sent off after 35 weeks.

The reason I’m telling you all of this is because I feel completely clueless and like I’m stumbling through this pregnancy, relying on people telling me what needs to happen and when, but isn’t that what my midwife’s supposed to be doing?

My midwife’s really sweet and is obviously very good at all of the baby stuff after being a midwife in the Liverpool Women’s Hospital before becoming a community midwife. Her first day on the job, her first appointment in fact, was my 8 week booking in appointment and I can’t help feeling that if I wasn’t asking the right questions in my appointments I’d be missing out on quite a lot of information. She even admitted when I asked about the flu jab that she’d had to ring her boss that morning, as she’d realised flu season was coming up and didn’t know what she was supposed to tell people.

I’m not knocking midwives, the service, the hospital… but it does seem like there’s a gap in training or something and I wonder how I’d have done had I not had so many friends to fill in the gaps for me.

Did anyone else have a similar experience, or am I expecting too much?!

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  1. Oh it must be quite frustrating to get information ‘secondhand’ as it were, rather than directly through your midwife. I was told at my booking appointment that they don’t really start giving out flu jabs until September so I think you’ll be able to get that sorted. The Strep B thing I’m not sure of. This is my second pregnancy and I still feel clueless most of the time. 😉 xx

    1. At least I know I’m not alone! My tag line is that I’m ‘totally winging it’ so I suppose I’m living up to that! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 xx

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