The Week That Was… The Pineapple!

The week of the pineapple. When baby was 29 weeks old and the temperature in my windpipe was about 290 degrees.

I’ve had heartburn on and off from around week 14 and this week it stepped up a notch. I had to admit defeat and buy Gaviscon which I’ve been taking like there’s no tomorrow and tastes awful, but it’s better than the raging fire I’ll otherwise have burning in my chest with an uninvited visit into my mouth when I dare relax in the slightest. There’s a heatwave on the outside, and there’s also one on the inside which makes me one hot mama to be, and not in the way I’d like.

Aside from the heartburn, I think I might be acclimatising to trimester three. I’m definitely getting more knackered by the day but I’m handling it much better than I did last week, except on Wednesday which always seems to be my bad day – after three commutes to work I just want to give up and stay in bed for the rest of the week. ‘Hump Day’ has taken on a whole new level of meaning to me, and I live for Thursday nights when I know I’m done with driving for the week and can work from my kitchen table on Friday to build up some energy for the weekend.

We also did a little baby shopping last weekend, specifically for clothes which is weirdly something we seem to have been avoiding, aside from the odd baby grow here and there. We hit up Boots and took advantage of their Baby and Parent Event with the ‘buy one get one half price’ offer on their Boots Mini Club range – a collection pretty up my alley thanks to the white, grey and mint green colour scheme. Throw in cute penguins and I was sold, snapping up two baby grows (one of which came with a penguin soft toy), a penguin comforter and a penguin hooded towel.

I might do a separate post on the baby clothes so far, so for now here’s a sneak peek…

boots mini club penguin

In other developments, I’ve been thinking a lot about food lately. Not so much eating more, just thinking about eating the things I can’t have – take a look at my post-pregnancy dream feast to see what’s making me drool. This cheese board being one of them…


I also collected my bespoke printed wall stickers this week, which much to my disappointment – and when I say disappointment I mean I almost had a cry on the way home, I seem to be getting emotional about the wrong things during this pregnancy – look more blue than green. I might just get away with it, but for now I’ve hidden them away until I feel more able to face it. Yep, drama queen.

blue wall stickers

And this was the week that my pregnant friend – the one who kept my secret as I kept hers in the early days, and who put me on to the Ovia pregnancy app – left work to start maternity leave. To say it’s gone fast is an understatement as it feels like yesterday that she told me she was expecting. I’ve always thought that when this time comes, and my many friends due in September, October and November started leaving work, it would really hit home that this is happening and it’s happening soon. Well, the time’s here and a whole new life is just around the corner!!

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