The Week That Was… The Coconut!

I’m late posting this update, which pretty much sums up week 28 of pregnancy, when baby was the size of a coconut.

It started out positively purely for the fact that I know exactly what a coconut is and how big they are, so there was none of this uncertainty over how big a bunch of bananas actually is or how a Napa Cabbage is different to an ordinary cabbage. Finally, I had a good idea of how big my baby was. Good start.

I spent a large chunk of the weekend and most evenings this week making blinds for the nursery – I’ll share the finished blinds on the blog soon – which sounds simple enough but my body isn’t quite set up for crawling around on the floor to measure and cut fabric at the moment, so it was exhausting to say the least. Mentally and physically, as I was terrified of cutting the fabric wrong so it took every cell of my baby brain to do it right.

The rest of the week was a blur of heartburn, to-do lists (not all baby related) and tiredness. I don’t know if it was the blinds or the third trimester, but dear god am I feeling knackered.

For the first time, pregnancy hit me this week. Hard. And I know it’s only going to get harder.

Work is really taking it out of me, there’s no replacement on the cards and I’m still having the work piled on which means there’s no slow-down in sight and if I’m being honest I just can’t be arsed any more with the shit and problems I have to deal with every day. Things that seem so important to everyone else, and would have done to me until recently, I just don’t have the energy to care about any more. Which is unlike me, but at the same time a lot is changing in my life so I guess it’s to be expected. Leaving the house at 6am to avoid the traffic is killing me more than ever, by the time it gets to Wednesday morning I’m EXHAUSTED and not sure how I’m going to make it through the week.

On a positive note – because it’s not all bad, there are still beautiful moments all the time – baby is dancing about like there’s no tomorrow and it’s a wonderful feeling. It’s no longer just the odd sporadic kick, I can regularly feel rolling and a strange sensation of all limbs and body parts moving at once, it makes me wonder what exactly they’re getting up to in there. I get frustrated that my husband doesn’t have the patience to keep his hand on my belly long enough to feel the full effect, but I know soon enough it will be clear for all to see, so for now I’m enjoying it being a feeling between me and baby alone.

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