The Week That Was… The Bunch of Bananas!

27 weeks pregnant and little Lynch is the size of a bunch of bananas! Filling out nicely, as my expanding belly is testament to.

At the start of the week I had terrible stiffness in my lower back and hips. The kind of feeling when you’ve been on a really long walk, then you take a little break (usually at a pub) and your muscles seize up when you try to walk again. I spent the first few days in work looking like an 80 year old when I tried to get out of my chair. Iteased off as the week went on, and I put it down to the growing bump and the loosening of my hips and changing posture.

I’ve had a few weeks of the baby going to extremes with its movement, from one day of hard kicking to the next day very little at all, with a slight wriggle at bedtime to let me know it’s ok. My midwife told me at this week’s 28 week check up that this hasn’t been anything to worry about because I have a front-lying placenta so I was being somewhat cushioned from much of the movement that was going on in there, but going forwards I shouldn’t ignore it if I notice a lack of movement. I won’t be judged as a panicked, paranoid newbie, it’s a serious signal to your baby’s health.

The advice if I haven’t felt it move in a while, is to drink a glass of ice cold fizzy drink or milk and go to a quiet room to lie down on my left side for an hour. Easier said than done in work, this basically just isn’t possible, but it should kick start some movement. If not, head to the hospital. Luckily this week I’ve felt a huge increase in kicks, wriggles and rolls throughout the day and night, and it’s such a comforting feeling and one I’ll surely notice if it stops.

At my 28 week midwife appointment, it was the usual blood pressure, urine test and heartbeat scan (still one of the best sounds in the world), and this was the first time I’ve had blood taken since my first 8 week booking-in appointment (to check for iron levels) and the first time I’ve had my belly measured. According to my growth chart baby is currently on track and the ideal size. All good.

As I go into the third trimester, I can already feel my body starting to slow down and it’s getting harder to jump out of bed at 6am every morning. And after booking our hospital tour and ante natal classes it’s all starting to hit home that I’m not just pregnant, I’m having a baby,

Oh, and I got a letter from the Liverpool Women’s Hospital and a production company called Dragonfly yesterday advising me that they will be filming the next series of One Born Every Minute over the period that I’ll be in there. To get in touch if we’d be interested in being on the show. Thanks but not for all the tea in China would I go through that experience in front of the nation, not to mention friends, family, colleagues… can you imagine!

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