The Week That Was… The Napa Cabbage!

Ok I admit, I don’t know what a Napa Cabbage is, but apparently it’s the size of a swede, so I guess a small cabbage. Either way, it’s been week 25 and baby’s getting bigger!

For me and Mr Lynch, this was the week of our baby moon – a long awaited and much needed week off work together, which we spent partly in North Wales before spending a few days at homer making a start on the nursery.

We kicked off our week off with a leisurely Afternoon Tea Canal Cruise – a gift we’d been bought a long time ago and we had never got round to redeeming. It seemed like a slightly strange gift for a couple of thirty year olds but it was much appreciated and actually nice and relaxing – there are a few of these on offer down different parts of the Leeds Liverpool Canal close to our home, I don’t think this was one of the best from what I’ve heard, but it was nice all the same. It’s not quite the same when you’re Afternoon Tea is served with milk instead of fizz (they hadn’t catered for a pregnant lady which was disappointing considering the notice I’d given them) but the scones and cake more than made up for it.

Afternoon tea canal cruise

The last three weeks have basically been one big growth spurt (read about how I’m handling all of those pregnancy size comments here) and my bump now feels HUGE. It’s taken it’s toll a little, I think more to do with the speed that I went from ‘could be a bit fat’ to ‘could be about to give birth’, but either way I’ve been feeling tired and my walking is getting slower and heartburn getting burnier. So a relaxing few days away was just what I needed.

Fresh air and coastal style
Fresh air and coastal style on our baby moon


I’ll do a separate post on our time away, which included a couple of nights by the coast in North Wales, a terrible hotel, a lovely hotel and a fabulous stay at a spa hotel. All in all, a nice little pre-baby break.

In other news this week, we’ve finally made a start on the nursery! After all of my inspiration hunting and research, we decided on a paint (Rock Salt from Dulux) and less than a day after returning from Wales the husband had the room painted, and it looks great.

I found a winner just before I was banned from buying more tester pots...
I found a winner just before I was banned from buying more tester pots…

When the man’s on a mission there’s no stopping him and he’s also built the wardrobe – we went for a shallow wardrobe to fit snugly in the corner without hanging over the window, with a mirrored front to make the small room look extra light and spacious. I’ll give updates as part of my Nursery Vibes posts, but here’s a sneak peek of progress so far…

Paint, done!
Paint, done!
A mirrored wardrobe to pretend the room is bigger than it is
A mirrored wardrobe to pretend the room is bigger than it is

Next week is back to work which I’m dreading, but am going to have to make a conscious effort to start winding it down a little. There is no replacement in sight which is stressing me out as I can’t hand anything over and they seem to be in denial that I’m either pregnant or will be leaving in 10 weeks time, and keep piling new work on as there’s no-one else to do it. The way I’m feeling right now I don’t know how I’ll get through one day next week so I’ll have to be pretty head strong and put myself and baby first.

So here we go, back to the grind, but the end is in sight!

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