The Week That Was… The Aubergine!

Week 24 of pregnancy (6 months, I can’t believe it!!) has been a busy old week, with a few symptoms rearing their head for the first time in a while and the hottest day of the year meaning the entire nation spent Wednesday walking round in a fog after doing an involuntary sweaty all-nighter. Not that I’m complaining about the weather, before someone complains about me complaining, because I’m not. But 30 degrees, pregnant or not, is hot.

Life is better with a bump. And a fan.
Life is better with a bump. And a fan.

Normally in those temperatures I’d be glued to the side of the pool with a cocktail (more likely an ice cream) and wouldn’t even consider a walk to the shop let alone an hour and a half drive home from work, sat in traffic in a car that has gradually baked to 35 degrees throughout the day. And when you’re carrying around a tiny growing human inside you, I feel confident in saying it probably makes it a touch more tiring. Work has been STRESSFUL too, which I could really do without and it hasn’t been conducive to a relaxed state of mind.

Tuesday was the peak of the heatwave (or was that just summer?) and was also the day I had my whooping cough injection, the most pleasant part of which was the view on my way into the doctors surgery. Look how pretty…

Summer day park

The jab itself was fine, carried out by the loveliest of nurses, and I was on my way within 10 minutes. But boy does that bugger hurt later on and only made Tuesday night’s sleep more impossible. Can’t lie on my front or back for obvious reasons, couldn’t lie on my right side thanks to a long-term back problem which doesn’t normally bother me in bed, except for that night of course, and couldn’t lie on my left side thanks to the throbbing aching in my jabbed shoulder. What’s a girl to do! Sit upright and not sleep all night, that’s what.

Anyway, moan over, there were another couple of pregnancy symptoms which had nothing to do with sleeping or the weather you’ll be glad to know. I got my first nose bleed since I was about six, completely out of the blue, which as an adult who has never suffered from nose bleed is a mild shock to see bright red blood coming out of somewhere it shouldn’t! All normal apparently, and I haven’t had one since, but just highlighted the weirdness that pregnancy can cause to your body.

Another weird one is a numb bum, or a sore coccyx to be specific. I’ve had this mildly since the early days – you know when you’ve been sat on a hard chair too long then you go to get up and your tail bone right at the top of your bum aches. That. But oh my god, this was something else. I haven’t been able to sit on my work chair for more than 5 minutes without being in a crazy amount of pain when I try to stand up again. I have to stand in stages like an old lady to release the pain an inch at a time. I’ve messed around with cushions and have found a way of creating a gap for the tail bone to float in while I’m sitting down, which helps a little. It’s all about softening bones apparently, and if you also are suffering with this I have nothing but sympathy because it bloody hurts.


And last but not least for my busy week of the aubergine, we bought our nursery furniture last weekend! We found a set in Mothercare that we liked and was in the sale so went for it. It’s the Padstow 2 piece set, and as the nursery is a little box room we’ve gone for a mirror-door IKEA PAX wardrobe which is especially shallow at just 35cm and so fits nicely in the corner without overhanging the window. It’s all boxed up in the garage at the moment but I’ll share pics as soon as the nursery is done!

Mothercare Padstow Nursery Furniture

And last but not least, I’ve been making progress with my “must-be-colour-perfect” mint green wall stickers and the fabric for my nursery blind – I’m very excited, and I’ve spent more time on them than any normal person would, but I’ll share updates soon!

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