The Week That Was… The Chocolate Yule Log!

Yep, it’s a pretty niche one but at 23 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of a Chocolate Yule Log. Or a bunch of grapes but this was far too vague and totally depends on where you buy your grapes from.

This week has involved a lot of one thing in particular – socialising. And luckily I’ve been feeling pretty good after last week’s growth spurt, which meant I was up for everything, including a birthday lunch with my Dad, Sunday lunch with a fellow pregnant friend (due three weeks before me so we had plenty of notes to compare), leaving drinks with a work colleague and dinner with old friends. As long as I had a seat, food and good company it was all good. And there was plenty of all of that, so it was great.

As I missed my pregnancy yoga class in favour of my Dad’s birthday (which I missed to work at Wireless Festival so it was pretty essential I made up for it), I found a series of videos on You Tube to do at home. There are probably hundreds online to choose from, but I really like this series from Tonic thanks to the 10 minute-long episodes which do different exercises (or ‘flows’ as I’ve learnt is the technical term) and are nice and bite-sized so it doesn’t feel like such a commitment.

There are 12 videos in the series, all specific to preggos, so give it a go and get your zen on without changing out of your pyjamas.

This week I made my first nursery purchase. After the many hours of researching, pinning, inspo-hunting and deliberating, I finally ordered some triangle wall stickers. I only want three colours but ordered five because I couldn’t decide and it’s so difficult to tell online. My colour scheme is going to be grey, gold and mint green (here’s my post on that nursery colour palette), and I’ll add some blush pink or black/blue when baby’s born and I know if I need to man it up or make it more girly. So I bought all of those colours but was gutted when they arrived and the mint green just isn’t minty enough, it’s more aqua and just isn’t right. Back to the drawing board, but I’m seriously struggling finding anywhere selling exactly what I want which doesn’t come with a huge shipping charge. I know, true first world problems right here.

When your mint just isn't minty enough
When your mint just isn’t minty enough

At the end of a hectic week 23, the little Yule Log and I (well, more me to be honest) were treated by the hubbie to a surprise Friday night gift of a new Jo Malone perfume (White Jasmine and Mint) and a new tub of Mama Mio Tummy Rub. It was apparently a ‘congrats for reaching the half way point’ gift, which was a month late because he’s spent all this time trying to find the right Mama Mio stuff. It’s still the wrong one which I’d be happy to use anyway but he’s insistent on swapping to get it right. Bless him, Baby Lynch and I are lucky to have him.

And last but not least, I won my first EVER social media competition, when I was announced as the winner of an Instagram giveaway run by The Little Fox Designs to receive this gorgeous grid print crib sheet.

My crib sheet prize from Little Fox Designs on Etsy
My crib sheet prize from Little Fox Designs on Etsy

I was over the moon! It’s the little things, but having something beautiful like this, from a small business such as The Little Fox Designs gets me a step closer to making a unique and beautiful bedroom for little Baby Lynch.


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  1. This is such a lovely time capsule post that you will be able to look back on and remember exactly what you were doing when your little lovely was a yule log! #Fartglitter

    1. Thanks Sally! That’s exactly why I started the blog, it’s going so quickly it’s so easy to forget what happened 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting x

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