The Week That Was… The Corn on the Cob!

At 22 weeks pregnant, baby is 30.5cm – that’s a whole foot!! Or the length of a corn on the cob, or the equivalent of a foot long sub from Subway! All curled up in there and kicking away, dancing on my bladder by the feels of it.

Last week I went for a big lunch one day and my belly had expanded massively afterwards (a pulled pork burger and sweet potato fries would do that to anyone). But it never went back. I had a few weeks of not much growth, and when I look back over my bumpie pics can see that week 22 was the week where I really popped, thanks to the fat lunch or not, I’m not looking quite so chubby anymore, it’s definitely a baby belly.

The first day of week 22 was a momentous one for one reason only – I bought my first maternity bras. I’ve been putting it off because a) the girls haven’t grown massively yet, and b) maternity bras are EXPENSIVE! And I couldn’t bring myself to pay £60 for two bras which might not see me through a week before having to go up another size. But I knew I was going to have to bite the bullet and the start of the Mothercare sale seemed like the perfect opportunity. Two bras for £12, YES!! Neither ugly by any means, and both so comfortable, it wasn’t until I had to put my tiny little pre-pregnancy bra back on in the changing rooms… Well this gives you an idea…

Wrinkly dog

Yep, imagine that stuffed into a balcony bra.

If you’re putting it off like I was, my only advice would be, don’t. Find some deals or offers somewhere to save a few pennies and let the girls free!

Week 22 was also the week that I attended my first music festival. I know, 5 months pregnant is the perfect time to go and stand in a field surrounded by drunk people. But I’ve been working with a partner to put on an event at Wireless Festival and, baby on board or not, I had to be there for day one to check everything was good to go and running smoothly.

I had been dreading it all week, especially as my growth spurt had been taking its toll a little, but it was actually manageable in part thanks to a pass upgrade from Staff to Access All Areas which allowed me in to the VIP area to use the fancy toilets (and by fancy, I mean the port-a-loo had a little shelf and the toilet roll on a holder instead of the floor). But, there were no queues so for that alone, I owe the person who got me that upgrade big time.

Dressing the bump for festival comfort
Dressing the bump for festival comfort

It was a long day with a lot of standing up, so sitting down whenever I found a free bean bag or patch of grass was key, and artfully dodging big crowds in favour of more open spaces to avoid any Bump bumps was the safest route. Oh and drinking plenty of water and stocking up on M&S snacks at Euston station to keep me going in between the extortionately-priced pizzas and ice creams (don’t expect sushi or salad at these things, apparently risk of food poisoning is part of the fun at the festival).

The event went well, my team have it running like clockwork for the rest of the weekend, and I survived, so all in all I’d say festival number one for bump and I was a success.

With my little team and Bump at our Wireless event.
With my little team and Bump at our Wireless event.
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0 thoughts on “The Week That Was… The Corn on the Cob!

  1. Fair play to you for doing Wireless mid pregnancy!! It’s knackering enough walking around festivals without carrying an extra person around!! Hopefully you enjoyed it #FartGlitter

  2. Aww love your photo! Your bump is so cute! I remember when I finally gave in and bought maternity bras, its a pain but worth it once you get them on!! 🙂


  3. I luuuuuuurrrrvvvve maternity bras! They can be expensive so I know what you mean and you did really well to find such a bargain. I stopped breastfeeding over a year ago now, and I erm, *whispers*, still wear some of mine as they are still just so comfy! (If a little bit baggy now). I can actually hear my nungas wince when I pull an underwired padded number out of the drawer now. 😉 Thanks for linking with #fartglitter. Dawn x

    1. Hahaha nungas, that’s the best term I’ve ever heard!! I can’t imagine not wearing maternity bras or jeans now, you’ll have to drag me out of them! xx

  4. Oh I love the fact that you’re still living the life you want to whilst being pregnant! You look totally fab by the way and I love that little vid! Hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy as much! #ablogginggoodtime

    1. Ah thank you so much! So far I’ve been lucky to have a healthy pregnancy and am feeling ok, so I’m making the most of it! x

  5. You look fab! I was enormous during my pregnancy and felt so huge all the way through…I can’t even remember how big I was now! Twins definitely made it all worth while 🙂 Enjoy lovely xx

    1. Ah thank you! It’s no wonder you were on the big side, I feel big with just the one in there! Thank you for you comment 🙂 xx

    1. Oh pjs on the sofa is definitely my life 99% of the time don’t get me wrong! Thanks for reading and commenting! X

  6. Well done for getting out and about and going to a festival whilst pregnant. As long as you feel well enough, being pregnant shouldn’t stop you having fun! x #fortheloveofBLOG

    1. Agreed! And I’m lucky to be having a good pregnancy so far so I’m making the most of it while I can! Thanks for reading and commenting x

  7. You look gorgeous! I went to two small, local festivals while I was pregnant and that was hard work, don’t know how you managed to work at such a big one! I really started to pop around that time too and by week 32 I was ENORMOUS but then didn’t grow a huge amount more after that. Everybody is so different, though. #bigpinklink

    1. Ah thanks so much! I’ve had a growth spurt since the festival and I think I’d struggle now. Thanks for reading 🙂 x

  8. I love that you took your bump to a festi, start as you mean to go on I say! You look very glam, I love the gif. It’s crazy when you realise how big your baby is inside. And it’s always measured against veg! Thanks for being a #bigpinklinker

    1. Thank you! Baby seems to have got a whole bigger this week, definitely not looking so glam right now! Thank you for reading x

  9. It’s amazing how one day you are wishing you had a proper bump and the next thing you know you are sporting one when youre pregnant isn’t it? I know what you mean about maternity bras though – sooo expensive. The only place that did them in my size was bravissimo and that really is two for £60 ugh. Thanks for linking up with us on #fortheloveofBLOG

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