The Week That Was…The Bok Choi

An exotic one this week, baby is just less than 30cm long (an average long ruler, to put it in perspective) and is the length of one of the only green vegetables I like, Bok Choi.

The start of week 21 of pregnancy was rung in with my weekly pregnancy yoga class which, if you’re in the North Liverpool area, is run by a wonderful (if slightly crazy) ex-midwife and yoga pro called Anne Blower of Yoga 4 U, and is held in Merchant Taylor’s Dance Studio. Well worth a try if you’re considering it, it’s not a work out by any means but I feel nicely relaxed afterwards and a little more knowledgeable and prepared for the birth with every week thanks to Anne’s expertise and honesty.

After yoga came the day Daddy Lynch had been waiting for… We went to order the new baby car pram from Winstanley’s Pram World in Wigan. After many hours of research on the pram we liked to see if he could find a better package deal anywhere else, Winstanley’s won based on the fact that their two year warranty on the pram only started when we picked it up, a few weeks before due date. John Lewis were a contender thanks to their price match promise, and they did offer to match it exactly, but their warranty started the day we made the purchase, not the day we picked it up. So we were effectively paying for four months of warranty on a product we didn’t even have. As such, Winstanley’s won. I’ll probably do a separate post on the pram search as it’s such an overwhelming process when you’re a newbie like us.

Off pram shopping in my bargain Zara maxi dress, £7.99 in the sale
Off pram shopping in my bargain Zara maxi dress, £7.99 in the sale

While I’m currently feeling pretty well in myself, week 21 was the week I started to struggle with sleep for the first time which automatically makes you feel that bit more shit (as I know I’m going to find out x10 in a few months time). I’ve taken to waking up at 2am and lying wide awake until around 4am when I must nod back off. The only good thing about it is that Baby Lynch is clearly nocturnal and I make the most of the kicks and wriggles while I’m lying in the dark, and I find that I don’t get stressed about the lack of sleep like I would have done previously.

I also made a couple of baby purchases this week, and got fully into the swing of the nursery decor, something which I’m obsessed with due to my love of all things interiors and home. See my post on the nursery colour palette (this is the only decision I’ve actually made so far) and I was excited to pick up this gorgeous chevron knitted blanket in the Mamas and Papas sale, reduced from £29.99 to just £14.50. Can’t wait to get Baby Lynch all snuggled up in it.

Mamas and Papas knitteed blanket

So with a few baby bits under my belt, a week of sleepless nights and a lot of wriggling which so far is private between Mummy and baby, I feel like I’m starting to get into the swing of things. Bring on the next 19 weeks!!

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  1. Love your dress and what a bargain. You’re putting me to shame- our buggy search was a lot faster and more hodge podge than yours sounds.


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