The Week Of The… Banana!

This post was almost just a boring basic ‘what happened in week 20’ due to the obscure (or perhaps just American) vegetables used on the Ovia app. I have no idea what a Belgian Endive is, and even when I switch the theme to Bakery (much more up my street than vegetables) I don’t know what a Palmier Cookie is. So it took some research to find out how big baby is at this point and therefore what vegetable can I compare it to – it’s all about the consistency.

I settled on a large banana, which one website suggested and is obviously a fruit I know well and seemed about right considering last week’s courgette.

So, the week that was the large banana was a fun one! It included Father’s Day, and following our successful 20 week scan a few days earlier, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give my husband his first gift as a Daddy (to-be). It didn’t feel right to give him a present or card from the baby when we still have so far to go, so I bought him this Daddy and Me baby grow from Next – cute enough to make your eyes water – and a ‘Special Daddy on Father’s Day’ card which I added the words ‘to-be’ to and signed it off from Sarah and Bump. He loved it and it was lovely to do our first official thing for our Daddy in the making.

Daddy and Me Next Baby Grow

Also on Father’s Day, we took a trip to the Trafford Centre to attend the Mamas and Papas Parent-To-Be event. See how it went (and what I want to buy) in this review post, and in short, I’d say if you’re considering one of these events, whether it’s M&P or Mothercare or any other retailer, it’s worth a go. Especially if you’re as clueless as us and want access to free advice and demonstrations, and the goody bag and discount doesn’t hurt either!

In other news this week, the movement has stepped up a notch. Baby is having a party in there, and he/she is rolling about and kicking lots now, it’s not just the odd ripple every so often, it’s much stronger and more regular than that. I definitely felt the first kick with my hand the other day, only a soft one but it definitely happened, not that the husband believes me! The midwife had said I probably won’t feel anything until around 25 weeks as my placenta is at the front acting as a cushion, so I can only imagine what the movement’s going to feel like when I reach the point where baby can really make a dent!

I’ve also had a number of pains this week, all of which I’m putting down to ligament and growing pains. I had a particularly bad one almost constantly last Saturday, down the right side of my abdomen. I had no other symptoms and it had disappeared by Sunday morning, which was also the case with a session of light shooting pains, also in the right side but lower down. Again it disappeared overnight and it is difficult not to let it worry you, but luckily Roly Poly let me know they were ok with their fidgeting!

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