Nursery Vibes: Hot Air Balloons

There’s something about hot air balloons which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. There’s something so innocent and oldie world-y about them that makes it a real whimsical, sleepy theme to have in any child’s nursery, boy or girl. More of a vintage take on stars and clouds, it brings to life words and phrases such as ‘dream’ and ‘fly away’, words which conjure up all the innocence and big hopes of adventure that we wish for our little ones.

So I wasn’t surprised to find a lot of the hot air balloon theme when researching for this post, the ideas are out there in abundance and they’re all so sweet it’s hard to narrow down my favourites. I’ve stuck with gender-neutral again, which this theme lends itself to nicely, and am sharing a few of my favourite examples of how to weave this trend into your nursery decor in a big or small way.

Go all out with the nature theme, and take inspiration from this room featured on Project Nursery. Nothing says ‘fly away and go on an adventure’ quite like hot air balloons flying over a remote mountain range and sunset. The addition of the fluffy clouds and furry throws gives the look serious cosiness and means the primary colour palette doesn’t look too brash, and adds to that dreamy nature vibe.

If that’s a bit too full on for you, take it down a notch and go for one of my favourite inventions, a good old wall sticker, or decal as they’re otherwise known. Etsy is proving to be king of decals for the nursery, and this hot air balloon wall sticker design, especially in these colours, makes a statement and gives a fresh and modern twist on a typically whimsy theme.

This room featured on Apartment Therapy is light, bright and simple, letting the colours and drama of the hanging hot air balloons do all the talking. With a room of this size you can go mad and fill the ceiling with balloons of all colours and sizes, as they have here, but you could create something equally as gorgeous in a small space with just one or two bright balloons hanging against a simple white backdrop.

I came across the Bloom Print Project on Pinterest, and fell in love with her handmade hot air balloons (yes, these little beauties are handmade!) They’re so diddy and cute, with the bunting connecting them and while I had no idea how she did it or where you’d get the materials from, it makes me feel inspired to make one of my own! Even if you’re not the crafty type, you should check out her post anyway to see her daughters beautiful nursery in all its vintage-style loveliness.

In all of my previous Nursery Décor posts I’ve including bunting or a mobile as an easy, non-permanent way of bringing a theme into the room or tying a colour palette together. This post is no different and I can’t think of a better way of bringing the hot air balloon theme to life than with a mobile. The bits are made to hang and float after all! Another one from Etsy, this gorgeous hot air balloon mobile in gender neutral grey and yellow has it all – balloons, bunting and clouds (and an elephant, but let’s ignore that for now) – so your little one can nod off with their head in the skies.

Finally, if you love the sentiment of whimsical fly away adventures for your little one’s space, but really aren’t keen on a theme or having anything hanging or stuck to the walls, go for a simple hot air balloon print as a nod to the trend. This one from Not on the High Street says it all…

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  1. I absolutely love this theme for a little one’s bedroom — absolutely gorgeous!! I designed some hot air balloon birth announcement cards a couple of years ago — I should really blow the design up and pop it in a frame for the boys’ bedroom — it would look lovely!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Caro x #HomeEtc

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