The Week That Was… The Courgette!

We made it! The Week of the Courgette (or Zuccini for the Americans out there) was week 19 of pregnancy and therefore saw the end of our first half of pregnancy. I can’t believe it’s half over already!

The big news of the week was the 20 weeks scan, which actually took place when I was 19 weeks and 5 days. It’s felt like forever since we first saw our baby on the screen at our 12 weeks scan, all fuzzy outlines and crossed legs, so I was beyond excited for this scan to see him/her again.

When the day arrived the excitement was matched with apprehension – I was sure I’d been feeling movement in recent days but this didn’t stop me feeling nervous about what this in-depth scan might uncover, and that all might not be well.


After drinking the instructed 1-2 pints of water, and having a bit of banter with the nurse for having ‘the biggest bladder he’d ever seen’ (he asked if I was ok and if I needed to let a bit out, as though my bladder works like a tap, I obviously told him that if a bit comes out its all coming out and I was just following instructions), he finally got to work and instantly found the heartbeat. I forgot all about the unbearable need to pee immediately.

He spent a good 15 minutes silently scanning my belly, clicking buttons and seriously observing the screen. I could see nothing and just caught the odd ‘hand’ or ‘spine’ muttered by the husband who was watching the screen in awe. After being finally sent for a wee to give the baby some space to move about and allow the rest of the scan to be performed, he said the words ‘your baby is all fine’ and went on to show us unbelievable live action of our baby’s heart chambers, front-on of the face and features and the legs which, once again, were crossed with one arm behind the head in the ultimate chilling out position.

It was a brilliant experience and we feel very lucky to have got the good news we were hoping for.

We celebrated with lunch and a trip to Next to make our first baby purchase, a Born in 2016 baby grow and matching hat and bib. There seemed no better way to kick start the upcoming four month-long shopping spree than with an outfit to bring our baby home in for the first time.

Baby grow next

This whole experience has really hit home with the husband and he’s now buzzing over what’s to come, whereas before I think he naturally didn’t quite feel connected to it in the same way that I did. It’s the best feeling to see his face when we talk about our future family and to hear him tell people he’s proud of me for keeping our baby safe… not standard chat from Mr Lynch so it’s all the more meaningful to me.

So here’s to the second half! I hope it will be just as exciting, overwhelming, terrifying and beautiful as the first half was.

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  1. Lovely! The 20 weeks scan is amazing I always felt a huge mix of apprehension and excitement and once you see their little body isn’t it incredible. Enjoy every second (and the shopping!) #FartGlitter (feels wrong hash tagging that to such a lovely post) xx

    1. Thank you for your comment! Ha I know, #FartGlitter doesn’t always suit the nature of the posts but at least it’s all positive stuff, could be worse! Thanks again for reading 🙂 xx

  2. How lovely to read! And congrats on your half way! 😀 I think it really does hit home for the dad’s to see it that 2nd time when the babies are so much bigger and truly look like a small human hehe. 😀


  3. Congratulations on getting to the half way point. I’m 23 week’s with my second baby, there is no way I could have drank 2 pints of water without wetting myself haha. Sounds like baby is very chilled out in there and I’m glad all went well with the scan. I love that baby cute!xx #blogginggoodtime

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