The Week That Was… The Sweet Potato!

18 weeks pregnant and my little sweet potato-sized baby is making his/her presence known. I’ve had a couple of weeks of suspect movement in my slowly expanding belly and this week I’ve become pretty convinced that it isn’t wind, it is in fact Baby Lynch doing somersaults. And what a lovely feeling it is.

I found another setting on my Ovia pregnancy app which displays baby’s size in a few different themes other than fruit and vegetables. So week 18, baby is either a sweet potato or a croissant, which I love as there’s almost no ambiguity with a croissant, I know exactly how big they are and can almost imagine Baby Lynch curled up in a croissant-like shape. Also handy for when I don’t know what this week’s vegetable is, which happens more often than you’d think!

The biggest news of this week was my first Aqua-Natal class, which is something I’ve been looking for from early on but couldn’t find anything in my area (see my post about the lack of support for pregnancy fitness). This one was introduced via the pregnancy yoga class I’ve been attending, and is held at the same high school which is 15 minutes from my area (Merchant Taylors School in Crosby, for any pregnant Liverpool ladies). It was an introductory taster class, free of charge, from 6-7pm. Perfect as the only other class I know of is 10.30am on a Tuesday which isn’t useful to many people.

The class was good, held by a midwife from the Liverpool Women’s Hospital where I’ll be having my baby, and was a mix of light cardio, toning for arms and legs, and relaxation. It actually ended at 6.45pm, and by the time we got into the water and got started the class was only really 35 minutes long. Long enough, and my calves seized up in the following days so it definitely worked, but when I heard that following classes would be £7.50 or £26 for a four week block, it made me think twice. It’s not cheap for 35 minutes (even for £45 minutes) and considering I’m at the mercy of the Manchester to Liverpool commuting traffic there’s no guarantee I’ll even be able to get there every week to make the most of the 4 week discount. Also, paying £20 for four yoga classes at a time, plus an additional £30 I’m now having to pay to see a chiropractor every three weeks, it’s all adding up.

So I’m going to give Aqua-Natal classes a miss for now, and will maybe pick it up further down the line. Yoga is going great though, it’s too gentle to be called real exercise but I can see the benefits in many ways and is something I’d definitely recommend. If you’re in Liverpool and are looking for a class, you can find the details here.

Otherwise week 18 of pregnancy has been another quiet one, no crazy symptoms other than some slight heartburn and exhaustion from work and the commute, but at weekends I feel wonderful! Long may it last!

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