The Week That Was… The Pomegranate!

Week 17 of pregnancy started off with a little pampering, which was a nice change to doing the big shop. I took my friend, who is getting married at the end of the year, to Jo Malone in Liverpool where she had a bridal scent consultation and I had a hand and arm massage. It’s a complimentary service, so if you like Jo Malone products and you’re not suffering from pregnancy-related nose deficiencies, I’d highly recommend it. I came away with silky smooth arms, smelling of roses (or white jasmine and mint to be specific) and with a wish list as long as my leg.

A Jo Malone drink for the bride-to-be and Mum-to-be. Guess who's is who's.
A Jo Malone drink for the bride-to-be and Mum-to-be. Guess who’s is who’s.

Lunch at The Vincent and a little shop later, Louise, bump and I headed home having kick started week 17 in the most lady like of ways!

Another ‘new’ for week 17, was a new lotion for my slowly expanding belly. It was actually a gift from bride-to-be Louise and is the Tummy Rub Butter from Mama Mio. It’s free of ‘nasties’ and is supposed to help with the elasticity of the skin to stop the dreaded stretch marks and tightening of the skin. I’m normally rubbish for keeping on top of body moisturising, but thanks to the lemon sherbet smell and silkiness of this cream I’ve used it twice a day without fail for over a week now. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype on it’s cute and colourful packaging.

Mama Mio Tummy Rub butter

It was also a welcome Bank Holiday this week, which I spent catching up with a couple of friends at Piccolinos in Stockton Heath. I’d never considered Piccolinos for breakfast before, but looking for a halfway point between our homes in Liverpool and Manchester, Stockton Heath was a winner and Piccolinos came up trumps with a brilliant menu. I’ve not signed up to the whole ‘eating for two’ thing but as we were there for the long haul (we had a lot to catch up on) I went for the waffles with nutella and bananas, a fruit salad, decaf latte and juice. The sun was out and we’d booked a table on their outdoor terrace, I wish I’d spent more of my pre-baby Bank Holidays like that instead of catching up on TV or doing DIY at home! If you’re a North West girl, looking for a brunch spot, I can highly recommend it.

Eating for two... how could I not?!
Eating for two… how could I not?!

I know it sounds like week 17 was a cushy number for me (off-set by a reasonably shitty work week) and I guess it was, as symptoms were at an all-time low since week 6 and things have generally been nice and calm. I’m still working on getting one day week working from home signed off, as the exhaustion from the commute and super early get-up is still ruining what should be ‘glowing phase’ (apparently), but so far, no news. I’m not sure of the rules around this and if it’s something work can reasonably say no to?

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