Nursery Vibes: Natural shades for a neutral nursery

One of the things I’m most excited about in this whole pregnancy thing, aside from meeting the baby, is decorating a nursery. I love interiors and everything design related, so despite waiting until my 20 week scan to buy or think too hard about anything at all, I’ve had a nursery decor Pinterest board on the go for a while and have some ideas in mind. But I don’t want to rush it and get it wrong, so I’ve gone back to basics and have looked at inspiration for a few of the basic base colours for a gender neutral nursery. It started with bold monochrome decor, then moved on to gorgeous greys and whites. Next up is the old favourite of creams and natural shades.

Natural colours are ideal if you want something traditional, warm and simple to put together. Steer clear of anything too yellow, and you pretty much ca’t go wrong with a mixture of creams and whites.

As with the grey and white inspiration I found last week, texture is key to making a cream room look cosy and interesting even when only using a palette of two colours.

So, while it’s not completely up my street, these are a few looks that caught my eye…

Cream star nursery

Clean and simple, the white furniture, walls and accessories are given some warmth thanks to the star print wallpaper, wooden floor and cute toys. Never breaking the natural and white colour palette, it looks fresh and clean and perfect for a new little bundle.

cream nursery decor artwork

I love, love, love the wall art in this set up from Dust Jacket. It’s totally plain and simple, but that wall art with the deeper shades and bold prints, does all the work. Such an easy way to keep the decorating to a minimum while having a point of interest which will be super easy to change and update as the little one grows up.

cream neutral nursery

This room from House of Wentworth is a little different – it’s not fresh and simple, it’s luxurious, warm and very plush. It’s a room designed for an adult as much as a baby, and while the furniture is white the addition of the wooden drawers, the hessian blinds and the chandelier warm it up and make it a beautiful, calming space. I also love how they’ve layered rugs to add even more texture and warmth.

If you want to keep it natural but add some interest on the walls, you don’t have to go crazy child-like, there are some stylish wallpapers out there that are perfect for a nursery without cracking out the teddy bears and owls.

john lewis wallpaper nursery

This exclusive Designers Guild wallpaper from John Lewis is so subtle and cute, without being overly cutesy.It looks like a child has sketched on it with chalk, it’s adorable.

fabrics and papers stars wallpaper

Stars are always a hit in the nursery (sweet dreams, reach for the stars… you get the idea) and this simple star paper in natural shades from Fabrics and Papers is perfectly understated.

raindrops wallpaper

I’m a HUGE metallics fan, they’re a key part of the decor in every room of my house and it will be no different for the nursery. This gold raindrops wallpaper  from Not on the High Street is a nice take on the stars trend, and it’s gold, so more could you want.

etsy sheep hessian bunting

Finally, bunting is popular these days and is a simple way to bring some temporary fun into the room, whether it’s by spelling out the baby’s name, using different fabrics and patterns, or in the case of this Etsy number, sheep! This would actually be really simple to make as this hessian fabric (another touch of ‘natural’) is pretty cheap to buy, cut out using fabric or zig zag scissors, and use a stencil or a stamp with fabric paint to paint the sheep onto each piece. Hang together with string and hey presto, you’ve made your own bunting!

What colour did you go for in your nursery? Have I missed a base colour palette that I might want to consider?!

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  1. I absolutely love the House of Wentworth room but think I’d have to live in a massive house to pull that off. I love the stars wall paper and you are right the wall art in the Dust Jacket room is gorgeous. It’s so hard to get wall art right. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

  2. I really love the first photo with the stars and the sheep bunting. We just have plain walls and used wall stickers to brighten it up, which is good as the boys no longer want our cool planet theme, and want everything changed to Star Wars 🙂 xx #fartglitter

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