The Week That Was… The Dill Pickle!

Otherwise known as week 16 of pregnancy and a slightly confusing one for me as I thought a pickle was smaller than an avocado, which is apparently where I was at during week 15. All the apps and websites I look at seem to say differently, last week I was an avocado, this week I’m an avocado… It’s too confusing so I’m sticking with my Ovia pregnancy app and having done with it.

The highlight of week 16 was of course my 16 week midwife appointment, where we heard the heartbeat for the first time.  Like the first time we saw our baby at the 12 weeks scan, it was an amazing experience and a reminder that I’m not just getting fat while keeping teetotal, there is actually a human growing in there.

Despite her warning us it could take her a while to find it, we heard it almost straight away, loud and strong and fast (which makes baby a boy according to the husband, just as random as my theory that baby was a boy when he was sleeping with his feet up and legs crossed at our scan).

Everything else was fine, although she didn’t take blood or weigh me which I thought would be done at every appointment, but obviously not.

My midwife gave me the Maternity B1 (or Mat B1, as the cool parents-to-be say) which is a form to be given to the HR Department at work so they can claim my statutory maternity pay when I’m off. She also gave me another form that we need to send off in return for a little credit card type thing, which entitles mums-to-be to free dental work and prescriptions.

I didn’t know about any of these things other than hearing about them in passing from friends, so when she asked me if I had them, I wanted to ask how I was even expected to know about them, let alone have one already. If I didn’t have an abundance of pregnant friends who are all a few weeks ahead of me, I’d feel even more clueless than I do now.

With so much information on the Internet, some conflicting, some for a different country, some based on other people’s opinions alone, is there anywhere you can get a simple breakdown of what’s involved in this whole pregnancy thing?! And I don’t mean symptoms you might experience and which fruit your growing baby can be compared to this week, I mean the boring logistical and administration stuff that you need to know but somehow just stumble along from one appointment to the next piece of paperwork.

Maybe when Baby Lynch is here and I’ve been through the whole process from start to finish, I’ll put that list together myself to share with other unsuspecting and completely clueless parent so-to-be!

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