Nursery Vibes: Whites and greys for a neutral nursery

Following my first Nursery Vibes post last week, which focused on bold monochrome nursery decor, I’ve been looking next at a softer palette of whites and greys.

Grey is the new neutral in the home, it’s more modern and fresh than cream and is the perfect base for so many colour themes and styles. It’s the perfect neutral nursery colour, and when used with whites it’s clean, simple and simply beautiful.

As with my monochrome post, I’m focusing for now just on inspiration for these pure colour groups to help me choose the main neutral for my nursery. I’ll then get into the fun stuff of pops of colour and themes to bring the room to life for the little one.

So, here we go with some of my favourite grey and white neutral nursery designs…

When I think of a grey and white nursery, to house a little person and knackered mummy in comfort, this is basically what I see…

Credit: Rock My Style
Credit: Rock My Style

Rock My Style has nailed it with little Hector’s room. The chair is what worthy  of it’s own post, I want to curl up in it and never get up, but it’s the mix of shades of grey (around 50, at a guess), the prints (stripes and spots) and the textures (fabric, fur and a good old basket weave) that bring it together beautifully.

This cute corner from Ivy Cabin could easily be the other side of the window from Hector’s room by Rock My Style. The point being that the key to creating a bright but cosy nursery with greys and whites alone is all about texture.

Credit: Ivy Cabin
Credit: Ivy Cabin

I love the polka dot walls and the touches of pine here, it’s very Scandi style which is the style to have right now.

If you’re not feeling to brave, the beauty of neutral colours is that you can go bold on the prints….

Grey star nursery decor

Mixing it up with stars, stripes and chevrons makes a clean white room come to life without going OTT with the colour.

The bunting in my monochrome post was a big hit, so here’s your bunting fix from Etsy…

Credit: Etsy
Credit: Etsy

Bit of a cheat this one as it’s not strictly grey and white, but I had to include it because it’s the perfect blend of my last two posts – grey, black and white.

grey and monochrome nursery decor
Credit: Mini Style Blog

But, it’s the perfect example of mixing different shades of grey through the fabrics and accessories to lift white walls. And the touches of black are just what it needs to bring it all together. You have to check out this post on Mini Style Blog for the rest of the pictures. Just adorable.

Grey is looking like a favourite neutral base for me so far, there are so many colours that go with it and I can’t wait to start exploring ideas to mix it up for my little one’s first bedroom!

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0 thoughts on “Nursery Vibes: Whites and greys for a neutral nursery

    1. Yes I agree black and white are real statement colours but can look a bit harsh. Thank you for reading and commenting!

  1. It’s the trend that keeps on giving isn’t it? Love monochrome in a nursery. And the best thing is, if you ever change your mind, children’s toys are so bright and colourful that it will always be vibrant!

    1. Exactly! Nice and calming for a little baby, then it can get more vibrant and frantic as they grow up! Thanks for reading x

    1. It’s on it’s way I promise! I spend so long looking at ideas the baby will be here before I finally make some decisions and get it done! X

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