The Week That Was… The Avocado!

I started Week 15 of pregnancy, otherwise known as the week of the avocado, with my first pregnancy yoga class. I like a bit of health and well-being type stuff when I have time to do it, so while it was a bit weird I think it’s something I can get into and I’ve been told by a couple of good friends that this teacher’s breathing exercises ‘saved them’ during labour. See my full rundown of the class in my pregnancy yoga post.

Week 15 has seen a slow down in symptoms – no heartburn this week, and my rate eating has dropped off a cliff. All good.

One thing I am still struggling with though is the tiredness, and I’m really starting to notice that my body can’t handle life quite the same as it could before. I went to London for work last Monday and got back home around 9.15pm. The train between London and Liverpool always lulls me into a coma-like state, so I was a little tired, but the problem was the following day when it caught up with me. I made it through work but then by the time I got home at 6pm I didn’t even have the energy to speak to my husband. The fact that he commented on how tired I was, and did everything for me, said it all – he’s not the most perceptive and is normally blissfully unaware of things like this unless I tell him outright to make sure there is no mistaking how I feel.

It’s a trip I’ve taken more times than I can remember but it’s never impacted me like this unless there was alcohol involved, and obviously this time, there wasn’t.

Combined with a stressful week at work – my job often feels like a hamster wheel of dealing with problems, managing egos and keeping other people motivated – and the toll of 5:45am get-ups and long commutes, I’m feeling a bit worn down. I’m hoping this energy-filled, glowing stage of pregnancy will kick in soon and cancel all of this out.

Anyway enough of my whining, on a positive note I’m sure I felt a ripple in my belly when I was awake during a night the other day. Is this too early to feel baby moving around, or could this be the quickening that I’ve heard so much about?!

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