The Week That Was… The Beetroot!

Week 14 of pregnancy went by in the blink of an eye.

It was my first week back in work following a nice week off, and it was something of a killer. It seemed to be a week of endless problems in work, sleepless nights at home (a little work anxiety, a little unrest thanks to vivid dreams) and loads of traffic on the roads causing extra long commutes in warm and uncomfortable weather. Moan.

The vivid dreams are apparently a symptom of pregnancy. I’ve been getting them every couple of nights and it’s like I’m acting out a film in my head, they’re so long and detailed and brought to life with seriously real visuals. I seem to have two themes running, both not particularly nice. Either my friends turning against me in some way (and I’m dreaming about my actual friends with their names, voices and faces) or terrorism. I’m talking bad stuff here, and as a nervous flyer at the best of times, this is almost verging on nightmare territory.

I also had one this week which was directly related to a work problem, in advance of a difficult conversation I was having to have with a colleague the following day (I despise confrontation). He’d treated one of my team badly and I was furious about it, so it was obviously playing on my mind. The only weird and unreal thing about it was that the guy wasn’t my work colleague but was replaced by Toadie from the hey day of Neighbours (remember him?!)

Dreams aside, the other symptom of note this week was heartburn. Hell in a windpipe. I’ve never had it before so wasn’t sure what I was experiencing, but when I realised it all made sense. I felt like I was about to vomit lava. Iced coffee (decaf, don’t worry) has saved me on both occasions but I need to find a more purse and waistline friendly alternative for when it next rears it’s ugly hot head. Gaviscon and Rennies are top of the list to try. With a side of ice cream.

The constant eating seems to have calmed down a bit, I don’t feel like I’m about to turn into Hyde if I don’t eat every hour, and I can stomach more of the healthier options in life, so while the damage has been done hopefully I can now take back control of my thighs and ever-expanding arse.

So it’s been a quiet week, pregnancy-wise, but one of new symptoms and things to learn about which is fun. Oh, and I’ve given in and have started looking for nursery inspiration – interiors is my passion in life so it’s the one thing I’ve been dying to get stuck into since before I was even pregnant. Follow my nursery Pinterest board to see my nursery vibes, and join me on Instagram to see all the pregnancy-friendly style, decor and food that I’m loving.

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