The Week That Was… The Jalapeño!

The week of the Jalapeño has gone far too fast. And it’s all because I was off work on holiday, so of course time went double speed compared to normal.

I’m feeling better now, not quite as icky, but for some reason my tiredness has got worse. This week was supposed to be one of relaxation, to get over the roller coaster of the last 12 weeks and to recharge my batteries. It ended up being a really busy week and just now, at 6pm on Sunday night I’m sitting down for the first time all week.

We went away for a couple of nights in the Cotswolds – beautiful place, gorgeous scenery, perfect sunny weather and cute little villages and pub lunches. It was everything we wanted in a short getaway but we didn’t factor travel in to our plans enough and what started as a three day mini break ended up as a one day ‘break’ (lots of walking and just about starting to unwind) bookended by two days of travelling. Five hours either way in a boiling hot car, stuck in traffic or winding our way through never-ending A roads. I actually enjoy the driving to an extent, especially when you’re on your way somewhere nice and he’s the one doing the driving, but it’s draining, and we both returned home feeling more exhausted than when we left.

However, I’d definitely recommend the Cotswolds if you’ve never been, just look at all the pretty…

Cotswolds House Hotel and Spa

Cotswolds Thatched Cottage

Chipping Campden Cotswolds

Aside from having a busy week, I’ve been thinking about my diet and have made conscious effort in this week’s shop to get more iron-rich foods in my daily diet. Now I’m not feeling as sick so much, I need to get my nutrition back on track to make sure the baby is getting everything he needs to grow big and strong. Also, if I’m low on iron this could be an obvious reason for my tiredness. I’m taking supplements but maybe it’s not quite enough?

I’ve really started showing this week too, I’m at that ‘could be pregnant, could have eaten too many pies’ stage so it’s not the easiest one to style out. But, while I have put weight on, this is definitely quite a solid little bump which is really exciting. It does mean that this sudden pop has left me with very few clothes to wear. I went shopping on Friday to stock up on some maternity-friendly pieces, but it didn’t go too well. Separate post on the woeful high street maternity ranges coming soon…

I’m also trying to step up my exercise, just slightly, now that I’m starting to feel better. I don’t want to overdo it when I’m still feeling a bit iffy but I’m aiming to walk at least a mile every day, or do it on my exercise bike if time and weather doesn’t permit a walk. I’ve done waaaay more than that every day so far this week, but a mile as a minimum seems realistic for when I’m back at work. Little but often is my mantra – it works for the eating so I’m applying it to exercise too!

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