The Week That Was… The Apricot!

What a week this was!

It was a biggie as I was officially 12 weeks, had my first scan and came out of the pregnancy closet – read my full coming out experience here!

So besides all the excitement, love and reality firmly setting in, it was a slightly strange week for symptoms.

I thought, naively, that once you hit week 12 symptoms started easing as you made your way into trimester two. And while the nausea has definitely subsided, the need to eat – that hungry, sick, desperate need for food even though the thought of it turns your stomach – was as full on as ever.

I’ve also been more tired in the last week than I have at any point before. Maybe it’s a case of it getting worse before it gets better, or my theory is that I’ve spent the last eight weeks (feels like eight months) powering through, pretending everything’s normal, not missing a beat of my schedule which involves getting up and out of the house by 6am to avoid the worst of the traffic, and all of that effort of the last eight weeks is now catching up with me.

It’s the classic ‘first day of holidays’ syndrome – particularly common in teachers, I know as my Mum was one for forty years before retiring – where the second you let yourself relax, your body finally goes into protest.

Now that I’ve finally started to relax and know that I can be tired, grumpy, and eat constantly without sparking speculation or judgement, my body is telling me it’s ok to now take it easy if I need to, and actually, I’ve needed to for two months already.

Luckily I’m at the start of a week off, so I plan to celebrate The Week of the Jalepeno with no plans apart from a couple of days in the country, so I fully expect to sleep a lot and do nothing remotely strenuous.

That will kick start blooming trimester two, right?!

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