Coming out of the pregnancy closet

Monday was a big day for us, it was time for the long awaited, much anticipated 12 week scan. And it didn’t let us down.

First appointment of the day, we were in with a full bladder and no waiting, thankfully. But as soon as that gel was on my belly and the nurse said the words ‘there’s baby’ I forgot all about my desperate need to pee and was fixated on the screen in front of me.

Up to that point I was still half convinced there was nothing in there and it had all been a mistake. So just hearing those words, then seeing our little person on the screen in front of us was unreal, a total once in a lifetime moment. There were no tears ,we were just in stunned silence as she showed us our little baby chilling out, having a doze with his legs crossed and hand up to his face. A little kick and back arch later and we were leaving the room with our scan photos and due date of 5th November. Yep, there’s going to be fireworks!

Legs crossed, feet up. Must be a boy.
Legs crossed, feet up. Must be a boy.

The next two days were a bit of a blur. It finally started to sink in what was happening, made even more real by the amazing reactions of our friends and family. My Mum cried (again) when we gave them their scan photo and I’m pretty sure my Dad had a tear glint in his eye. The husband’s parents were equally as happy.

We met up with my brother, sister-in-law and nieces for lunch to tell them face to face, our four year old niece looked me up and down suspiciously when her Mum asked her who might have her new cousin in her belly. Props to a four year for knowing how the family tree works, even I still have to draw a mental diagram to work out how my cousins are related.

That night we went for texts of cryptic (yet obvious) clues and scan pictures to let our friends know. The reactions, even over text, were lovely enough to almost make me emotional, people were clearly genuinely happy for us and it makes you remember why you love these people and choose to have them in your life, even if you don’t get to see them as much as you’d like.

Next day was all about work. I told my boss who luckily loves kids, and his was another genuinely warm and happy reaction.

Then time to tell my team, three of the sweetest girls I’ve ever had the pleasure of managing. They screamed in my face. That was probably the best reaction, they were so happy for me and are already looking after me and talking excitedly about the next 6 months and beyond (although my colleague told me she overheard them talking about how worried they are about me leaving, which made me love them even more). They had apparently guessed the second I stopped drinking coffee, and even had a Whatsapp group on the go to share news of what I was eating, saying, when I was booking time off, debating whether I was pregnant or diabetic… I threw them off three weeks ago when I drank a non-decaf coffee (by mistake) and commented on drinking a glass of wine (which of course I didn’t do). So it was a real shocked and delighted reaction.

I wasn’t keen on announcing to the rest of the office, it’s not really my style, but it’s totally the style of my friend Cath who happily announced it to the entire open plan office. Cue 50 faces looking at me going red, before all congratulating me and saying how I’d done a great job of keeping it secret. It was like ripping off a plaster, job was done in a matter of minutes and it was actually all really lovely.

Finally, the husband posted on Facebook later that night. 284 likes and 106 comments down and everyone seems to know and all sorts of long lost faces, family and friends have congratulated us. Not that I’m counting by the way, but I didn’t realise we even knew that many people between us!

My wedding day and ‘baby week’ are the only times I’ve ever had that kind of attention and while that’s definitely how I normally like it, as a one off it was a brilliant week and a real reminder of how much love and genuine emotion there can be out there.

And it was rounded off beautifully by a surprise basket on my desk when I arrived to work this morning – a big basket of pregnancy snacks and goodies from my team. Just when I think they’re not listening to me, they’d filled it with every snack I had ever mentioned over the past 2 months. Giant crumpets? Check. Mints to get the god awful taste out of my mouth? Check. Popchips limited edition crisps? Check. Tears were definitely in my eyes for the first time during this whole experience, it was such a sweet and thoughtful thing for them to do.

Pregnancy gift basket

So now it’s out in the open, I can enjoy my week off to catch up on some much needed rest, safe in the knowledge that when I go back to work I can let it all hang out. Bring it on.

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  1. Exciting week! Lovely scan photo, baby looking very relaxed in there! Such a sweet thing for your colleagues to do, I got a “well done” and that was that haha.

  2. Congratulations. It’s such a lovely time isn’t it – especially if you are starting to feel a bit better after 12 weeks of bleugh! You sound like you have an amazing group of people around you. #fartglitter

  3. Aw how exciting!! Being able to finally break the news after waiting so patiently for 12 weeks is just the most exciting thing ever, well maybe after meeting your teeny little person and seeing them on the screen for the first time! 🙂 You clearly work with some wonderful people too! Thanks for sharing with #FartGlitter x

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