The Week That Was… The Brussel Sprout!

The week that was the Brussel Sprout was the last week of keeping the ultimate secret. I hit the 12 week mark today, and with my scan coming up on Monday (along with a day’s holiday), this is the final day I’ll have to watch what I say and secret eat when no-one’s looking.

Brussel Sprout week was really uneventful, although as the working week went on it felt more and more like I was walking through mud. I’m pretty exhausted by all the powering through and acting normal, and despite no severe symptoms this week, it’s felt like one of the tougher ones.

Other than the tiredness, I’m still hungry all the time. I thought this might have calmed down by now, but maybe it never does? Around an hour after eating I start to feel that weird sick hungry feeling and know I need something. Ideally something carby and salty.

On that note, it wasn’t strictly in the week of the Brussel Sprout, but I just came close to having my first emotional moment. All because I dropped my crisps on the floor in the Trafford Centre. I was feeling particularly sick so bought an extra packet of crisps from M&S with my lunch (gluten free lightly salted tortillas, so the best ones), and after a few crisps I somehow managed to turn the packet upside down and tip the rest all over the floor. I was on my own too. I NEEDED those tortillas, and in that moment it all felt a bit much.

But I pulled myself together and moved on, keeping my emotional slate completely clean.

I can’t wait for people to know now, mainly so I can start wearing clothes again that show off my hint of bump (ok, tortilla-induced fat roll) and not have just three outfits on repeat, hoping no-one notices.

I’ve been thinking about how to tell people – read my post about 6 of the best non-cringey announcements – and as much as I want it to be out in the open I’ll kind of miss the secret too. We’ve been in a bit of a bubble and this is really a once in a lifetime thing. Sure there can be the secret first trimester if we have more than one baby, but I’ll know what the hell’s going on the second time around, I’ll never feel this exact way again.

In other news this week, my friend found out she was having a boy which is lovely news. She’s only a few weeks ahead of me and had an early gender scan, and it’s seeing how quickly her milestones are coming around that makes me realise how quickly it’s all going for both of us.

So, wish me luck for Monday, if you don’t hear from me again it’s because I actually just needed to fart and there was no baby at all, which has been my main fear all along!

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  1. Congratulations! What I will warn you about is that camp no crocs changes once you give birth haha! I used to hate them, now I iwn a pair of flio flops and dollly shoes made by the brand. They are comfortable, they are practical and its really easy to clean baby vomit/poo off them when you are in a rush! 😉

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