My top six (non-cringey) pregnancy announcements

With less than a week to go until I have my 12 week scan, I can’t help but let my mind wander to who I’m going to tell and how I’m going to tell them (and more importantly, what their reactions might be).

I’m not a fan of fuss or being centre of attention, my wedding was enough for a lifetime, so while I can’t wait to see the reactions of my family and friends I know I’ll ultimately keep it low key and do the usual texts (with baby scan photo, of course) to some, and a one-on-one mini announcement to those I can see face to face.

But, I’ve got to admire those people who go all out and do something creative for their announcement. It’s not my style, and it’s so easy to go cheesy, but I love that some people go all out and up their cute game in some crazy creative ways.

Here are a few of my favourite (non-cheesy) announcements, I’d love to hear how you announced yours or if you’ve heard of any fun or sweet ways to break the news to the world!

1.       Tom Fletcher (of McFly/McBusted fame) and his wife Giovanna are well known now for their creative take on announcements and important life moments. Tom’s wedding speech song for was genius, and their recent time stop video of Giovanna’s pregnancy and growing bump, alongside Tom and little Buzz, was super cute. And they of course didn’t disappoint with this game-themed video to announce baby number two…

2. There are many variations on this kind of announcement, and it’s a little cheesy but still quite cute, especially when there’s already a little pair of shoes to represent an excited little sibling. This one is by Rachel Stevens (you know, S Club 7 and Strictly Come Dancing) to announce her second pregnancy.

Rachel Stevens Pregnancy Announcement

3. A little crafty number next, with this cute Nesting Dolls card from Cracked Designs. Nice if you’re not one for words, or want to let family know with a cute little keepsake.

Nesting Dolls Pregnancy Announcement

4. If you don’t already have a child you can use include in your announcement, but you happen to have a dog to hand, include the pooch to score cute points. Keep an edge of humour though to stop it being cutesy over load (a.k.a. cheesy).

Pregnancy Announcement Dog

5. A bun in the oven is almost too easy, but if it’s done well it can be an understated and almost stylish announcement (as stylish as a piece of bread on a rack can be). This one has been photographed well and the subtle date flag is a nice touch, saying it all without saying much.

Bun in the oven announcement

6. If you happen to run into a celebrity, just go for it, like this lady did. Even if you’re not pregnant, if you hope to be one day and happen to run into Will Smith in Starbucks, get him to make the announcement and just, you know, keep it on file for later…

Will Smith pregnancy announcement

So there we have it, six of my favourite pregnancy announcement ideas. So if you want to avoid the cheese but get a little more creative than a text or a shy nod to the bump, hopefully this has given you some inspiration!

Let me know your stories, see if anyone can change my approach before next Monday!…

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0 thoughts on “My top six (non-cringey) pregnancy announcements

  1. I have goosebumps!! The game video was amazing and I actually went all giddy and squeaked a bit at the reveal (even though I knew it was coming?) I also love the bun in the oven, but in my case that would have involved cleaning my oven. And potentially keeping a bun, in my house, uneaten, for long enough to take a photo of it #NotHappening

    Brilliant post and thanks so much for linking up with us at #FartGlitter! Lovely to have you on board and I’m looking forward to reading more as your bump comes along! xx

    1. Our 12 weeks will tie in with my 30th Birthday so we’re gonna gather all family and friends for “birthday celebrations” then my hubby is going to give me a present with the cake, and it’s going to be a babygrow which we’ll hold up to my stomach and see who catches on!

  2. For all of my close friends and family, we just told them when we saw them or called them if they live too far away. For our wider circle of friends I made the shoe photo and as it’s our first, it was pretty easy to guess!

          1. Oh yes it’s so cute!! Bad time for me to go on Joanna’s blog though, I’m starving right now and the first thing I saw was her Juicy Cheeseburgers! 😩 Will definitely revisit that one later!!

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