The Week That Was… The Kumquat!

Big news this week! I had to step away from the skinny jeans and embrace my bloated (and slightly fattened up) belly. Ten weeks pregnant, and I bought my first pair of maternity trousers. Shit’s getting real!

It was a bit of an emergency purchase. I’ve been too bloated to button up my jeans for a few weeks now, and this week I struggled to even fasten my zip. When I tried keeping them together with a bobble around the button I got stomach ache, so I spent three days in work this week completely flying low and risking it – at any moment a quick movement could have resulted in an embarrassing incident and a disciplinary.

My black H&M skinny maternity jeans are seriously comfortable, just what I needed for a long day of train rides, walking and meetings in London. Not going to lie, I already intend to wear them post-pregnancy (and I mean WAY post pregnancy!)

Other than that big turning point, it’s been a quiet week. The need to be constantly stuffing my face seems to have subsided slightly, and now it’s just a need to eat IMMEDIATELY as soon as I become hungry. Scary how it creeps up on you.

I’m also getting a horrible taste in my mouth which I reported a few weeks back. I read this was the taste of hormones, and if you’ve never had the luxury of tasting your own hormones I can confirm they taste like shit. Can’t wait for that symptom to do one.

We’ve got a week off in two weeks’ time, and we still can’t decide what to do with it. It’s highly unlike us as we normally have holidays well under control, but we’ve been so busy decorating our bedroom and, you know, being pregnant, we’ve just not got round to making a decision. We also can’t decide if we can afford a late deal abroad holiday, or whether we should save some pennies and do a staycation, although we’d probably end up spending the same amount for 2 nights in the UK as we would a week somewhere sunny…

If anyone has any tips or suggestions they would be hugely well received! I’m going to be 13 weeks by then, so am also interested to know your experiences of travelling, whether at home or away, in the early stages of the second trimester…

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