The Week That Was… The Southern Pecan!

The week of the Southern Pecan, that’s nine weeks pregnant, was a quiet one, just how I like it.

Symptoms have eased, the need to eat has not. I want to eat everything. ALL. THE. TIME. This week I found my groove with a box of Ritz’ crackers. I had forgotten how good these little beauties are, baked (not fried) I know they’re not part of a healthy balanced diet but the pregnant lady wants what the pregnant lady wants.

I got back into the kitchen this week after a good month of baulking upon entry. I love cooking so it was nice to enjoy cooking (and eating) a salmon and sweet chilli stir fry without holding my breath or needing to drop everything to go and sit with my head between my knees. Although I feel like I maybe didn’t milk the nausea enough and I could have got some more husband-made meals out of him. Oh well, there’ll be time for all of that I suppose!

I also ate out this week, on Monday which wasn’t the best idea as the week dragged from there on in. I met my pregnant friend (my Ovia App pal, from one of my first posts) for tea after work at Artisan in Spinningfields, Manchester. It was good to openly chat all things bump (or bloat, in my case) and eat food made by someone else off plates that would be washed up by someone else. I’m not obsessing too much over what I do and don’t eat, I’m going for whatever I feel like and am just cutting out the things I know should be avoided. I could quite easily obsess over Googling every ingredient but I’m a pretty laid back person and don’t want to turn into a worrier now. I’d never eat out again and that’s something I’m just not mentally or emotionally prepared for.

The big news of the week was that two of my close friends both announced their pregnancies within a week of each other, and with a month of me. Read about my reaction here, and in summary let’s just say it took self-restraint to a whole new level. Finally hit an emotional nerve though (yay, I don’t have a stone heart) and I had a definite pang of excitement, helped on by the thought of going through it with a couple more of my friends.

Just got to keep my fingers crossed for the scan now, it feels like the next two weeks will feel like two years, and I’m super nervous that there will have been a mistake and there’s no baby. I’m trying to not even think about the possibility that there is a baby but all might not be ok… Good, positive vibes is what it’s all about.

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