The year of the baby, apparently!

Things are getting unbearable. And it’s not the nausea, or the tiredness, or the bloody bloating. It’s that two of my good friends have announced in the space of two days that they’re pregnant. Old work friends, they still work together on the same team, are due within one week of each other. All being well, just a month before me too.

I can’t wipe the smile off my face I’m so happy for them, and it’s so lovely that they’ve got someone close to go through it all with and that they’ve got a ready-made playmate for their little ones. It couldn’t have worked out better.

Even more overjoyed because I know my own secret, and all being well, I’ll be joining the club around the same time as them so we’ll be able to go through together. I just can’t tell them yet and it’s killing me!! The news over the last two days has made me want to burst, I’ve never had to exercise self-restraint so much. But hey, if they can keep it quiet so can I, and it’ll be worth it when I get to break the news with a scan picture like they both did.

So that’s four pregnant friends now, and four new little lives coming into the world in August, September and October, meaning I have plenty of fabulous ladies to learn from along the way!

It’s also made me slightly more anxious. I’m only thinking positive, but if I let the niggling worries surface just for a minute, I’m terrified that all will not be well at the scan, and even more so now I know that I could be enjoying this amazing experience with some of my closest friends. I don’t want to miss out on any of it.

I’m still in total disbelief that I have a baby growing inside me right now, and I’m totally nervous that I’ll get to the scan in three weeks’ time and there will be nothing there (I know, I know, no such thing as a false positive, but there’s always doubt!) Weirdly though, this news has made it all slightly more real and that emotion that I have been lacking for so long has started to show it’s little podgy face. I’m excited, for them, for me, for the whole thing. But also worried, about everything and nothing.

I suppose I should get used to that for the next, oh you know, rest of my life! Bring it on I say, we’ll get through it together!

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